The Impact Of Engineered Thermoplastics In Modern Engineering

Posted by Michael Luis on June 9th, 2021

These days, engineering has reached such an extreme level that conventional materials are failing to level up with the requirement. Strength and density always play a crucial role in material density. Only a few metals like lead have high density and strength.

Unfortunately, these metals are also extremely heavy and cannot be used everywhere due to their high toxicity. To solve this problem, scientists have developed engineered thermoplastics. It is a modern age material, which is suitable for extreme conditions.

Why engineered thermoplastics are better

•    Mouldable

You would be surprised to know that engineered thermoplastics can be mold into any shape. For this reason, precision engineering at a large scale is possible. Many automobile companies have taken benefit of this property. Now they are making extremely precise car parts with this material.

The manufacturing costs of these parts have come down significantly thanks to this material. Aside from the automobile sector, you can use it in any machinery part manufacturing. You can easily make a complicated set of gears thanks to this material.

•    Strength

The strength of engineered thermoplastics is similar to any high-strength metal. They can withstand water without any corrosion. Similarly, acid or high temperature doesn’t reduce its strength. You can use it in any extreme environment without worrying about its strength.

For this reason, many companies are using engineered thermoplastics for balancing purposes. This material can give full support to the structure in any kind of tough environment. Over the years of use, it has proved its strength in many places.

•    Toxicity

These days many industries are taking the environmental impact of any material very seriously to go with the vibe of climate change. Many people don’t know that heavy metals like lead are very toxic to the environment. In an incident, the lead bullet tips have cause water poison at some firing rage.

To cartel this problem, the military has started using bullet tips made from engineered thermoplastics. These bullet tips are so good that they can withstand high-speed impact. At that same time, due to their zero level of toxicity, they don’t cause any harm to the environment.

•    Radiation shielding

Radiation is a big problem for those people who work at medical facilities. Ionizing radiation from X-rays and gamma rays can damage human cells and even cause cancer. For their safety, people working at the X-ray MRI machines have to wear a thick lead jacket.

Although a thick lead jacket protects them from radiation, it is very hard to do regular activities with these heavy jackets. In such a scenario, high-density engineered thermoplastics have presented themselves as a solution. Their high-density property works as gamma ray shielding. These days many hospitals and diagnostic centers are choosing jackets made from this material.

High-density engineered thermoplastics are rapidly becoming part of many industries. Now you shouldn’t be surprised when you see them at the golf club. It is a wonder of engineering that it is so versatile and effective across many industries. These days, this material is significantly changing the engineering world.

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