What are the Various Types of Embroidery Machines and Digitizing Software?

Posted by Daniel Kate on June 9th, 2021

When embroidery on fabrics or products is made, an embroidery machine is needed for faster completion of work and bulk production. Just like any other products, there are several manufacturers of embroidery machines available in the markets. Here, we will see about the automated type of Embroidery Machines and Digitizing software used to convert the designs readable by the machine. Before that, let us know what types of Embroidery Machines are out there.

Types of Embroidery Machines:

Single Needle Embroidery Machines: 

These Embroidery machines have only one needle and one thread with a limited hoop size. This is a good choice for entry to mid-level embroidery work. This embroidery machine works well but must often change the threads to remove jumping stitches and change thread color. It is a good choice for stitching over small areas. The hoop size varies with the model from 12.6 x 11 cm to 20 x 14 cm. Some of the standard machines are Brother Innov-is NV 750E, Elna 8300, Janome MC 350 E. At the same time, some cheaper single-needle machines are Brother Innov-is 90E, Brother PE-770, Janome MC200E, Brother SE400 Brother PE540D.

Sewing cum Embroidery Machines:

These combi mid-level machines are bigger than the entry-level Embroidery Machines. The hoop sizes vary from 25.5 x 14.5 cm to 36 x 20 cm. These models generally have an LCD screen. The higher mid-level range machines will have a larger color screen, more stitches per minute, better functionalities, and better designs. Some of the machines are Brother Sewing/Embroidery Innov-is 1500, Bernina Aurora 450, Husuarna Topaz 20, Topaz 30, Brother Innov-is 4000, Bernina Arista 640.

Multi-Needle Semi-Professional Embroidery Machines:

These Semi-professional Embroidery machines are entry-level multi-needle machines with 4 to 6 needles. It has an HD LCD Touch Screen Display mostly. Multicolour Embroidery designs are done quickly and easily. The hoops or frame size is approximately 30 x 20 cm, and the stitch speed is 400 to 1000 stitches per minute. Some of the machines are Brother PR-650, Babylock Professional Plus, Korean SWF/MA-6, Elna 9900, Janome MB-4, Babylock Valiant BMV10, Tajima SAI 8-needle machine.

Multi-Needle Professional Embroidery Machines:

Mainly these types of Multi-needle Embroidery machines are higher-end machines that have 9 to 16 needles. We will also see some industrial multi-needle embroidery machines under this section. This kind of embroidery machine has multiple hoops for different functions based on the product variety. It includes a Border frame, cap frame, clamp frame, magnetic frame, jumbo frame, sleeve frame, etc. Based on the make and model of the machine, accessories might vary. It has an HD LCD Touch Screen Display, and stitching speed is approx. 1500 & above stitches per minute. Some machines are Tajima Neo II, Melco EMT16, Bernina E-16, Fuwei-15 needle, Maison Broderie BAI 12 Needle model, etc., 

Digitizing Software:

All the above embroidery machines work when designs are digitized and fed to the machine. Embroidery Digitizing Company does these digitizing. Once a customer has a specific plan to stitch, the embroidery machine cannot identify the image (.jpg / .png) except if it is converted to machine-readable format. To do this digitizing service, the embroidery digitizing service provider should have digitizing software. There is several digitizing software available in the market. Each Embroidery machine might support different digitizing software. However, one single software is not compatible with all the machines. Some digitizing software that embroidery digitizing companies use is listed below.

Amazing Designs:

Applique It! 

Digitize N Stitch

Monogram It!

Size It!

Singer: Autopunch 


Bernina Embroidery Software Version 7 

Hatch Embroidery

Embroidery Studio


BES4 Dream Edition Embroidery Lettering Software



Elna DigitizerEX

Elna CustomizerEX



Janome: Digitizer MB

And many.

Each software supports different source file formats. For example, PES by Babylock & Brother, SEW by Elna & Janome, ART by Bernina, JEF by Janome, XXX / CSD/ PSW by Singer, EMD by Elna & Singer, etc.…

However, the digitizers modify required changes to the design and adjust the settings to make the layout or patch visible and attractive. They convert the image into digital stitches. These digitizing services can be done anywhere for any client worldwide since it is possible online. If you send your designs in .jpg or .png form through e-mail or WhatsApp to the embroidery digitizing company usa, within a quick turnaround time, the digitized image will be ready and sent back to the client in the requested form. 

These digitizing services for embroidery both online and offline are available at Bitsnpixs Technologies Pvt Ltd. They provide high-quality embroidery digitizing service with a short turnaround time of just 24 hours. They have high-end professional digitizers who work on every detail clearly and neatly. You can also contact them at www.bitsnpixs.com or info@bitsnpixs.com.

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