Correct Way to Hang Dry Menís Scuba Diving Wetsuits for Sale Near Me

Posted by articlelink01 on June 9th, 2021

Maintaining your wetsuit properly is essential if you want it to last for several years. If you’ve bought or want to buy Oneill men’s fullsuit wetsuits online, you should know that it’s important to dry your wetsuit correctly. The only way to dry a wetsuit is to hang it. However, there is a proper way to do it, and hanging wetsuits the wrong way can easily cause irreparable damages. Things to Avoid Unlike regular shirts and jackets, you can’t hang wetsuits on hangers that have hooks. It will only cause the shoulders and neck to stretch out, leaving you with a wetsuit that is loose in several places. As men’s scuba diving wetsuits for sale near me are stretchy and heavy, they can easily sag and allow water to enter the suit, rendering them useless. Hence, you should not use a regular hanger to hang your wetsuit. You should also not hang it on a hook or leave it hanging halfway on a railing. Get a Wetsuit Hanger To dry men’s scuba diving setsuits for sale near me without damaging them, you need to use hangers explicitly made for such suits. You can get such hangers at online or offline stores for -, though the more expensive ones could cost or more. How to Hang Dry Wetsuits Properly After cleaning and rinsing your wetsuit correctly, follow these steps: 1. Use a Drying Rack Right after a thorough rinse, your wetsuit will be soaking wet. You need to reduce the weight of the suit caused by the excess water. Lay the suit inside out and flat on a laundry drying rack. Make sure you even out any folds. Let it sit for an hour, and then flip it over. Remember- avoid direct sunlight! 2. Put It on a Hanger When you buy Oneill men’s fullsuit wetsuits online, it’s a good idea to buy a special wetsuit hanger with it. After all the water has dripped out of your wetsuit, you can put the suit on the hanger. You can use a towel to smoothen the edges and create a rounded layer for the suit to rest on for added safety. Let your wetsuit dry in the shade for a few hours. 3. Flip the Suit You now need to dry the outside of the suit, as it was inside out initially. Flip it to the normal side to dry the outer layers. If you used a towel as suggest above, it might be wet, so replace it with a dry one. Some Useful Tips • Make sure you rinse your wetsuit after every single use to avoid a bad odor. • After a few uses, rinse the suit using wetsuit shampoo to get rid of stinks. • Never put your wetsuit in the washing machine or dryer. It will get damaged beyond repair! • Be gentle when cleaning Men's scuba diving wetsuits for sale near me as they are easy to tear. • If you notice a tear or hole in the suit, fix it using neoprene cement or get it repaired from a professional shop. • Do not wash your wetsuit if it has a tear, as stretching while cleaning it might widen the tear and make it irreparable. Hanging your wetsuit properly will ensure that it fits you perfectly every time and has no loose sections. Resource: Hansensurf is the site to visit whether you want to Buy Oneill men’s fullsuit wetsuits online or you are looking for Men's scuba diving wetsuits for sale near me . They have a good collection of wetsuits for the whole family and at great prices too!

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