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Posted by rajaram patil on June 9th, 2021

Children can be taught to code and there are online courses designed just for children. There are coding schools that offer online coding courses for children. The courses are taught through online classrooms. There are different online courses for children from different age groups. The future of coding is bright.

Children can be taught coding skills as they can learn concepts easily. There are coding schools that offer online courses that are designed for children. The schools can offer a customized learning path through their online courses. The schools provide online courses for children aged 6 - 18.

Children learn coding, mathematics and logic in the courses. Online coding schools are an educational platform where children learn to code. The courses are customized as per age and the children should enroll in the courses as per their age group.

The children aged 6 - 9 are taught a visual-based coding language, Scratch. The children aged 10 - 18 are taught text-based coding languages like JavaScript and Python. The courses are taught by expert teachers using interactive online classrooms.

Curriculum of the courses offered by online coding schools
The following topics are covered in the courses:

  • Game development
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Mobile app development
  • 3D Coding and Virtual Reality games

The curriculum of the courses is project-based and the courseware includes many examples and projects. Children are taught to solve problems step by step in the courses and this teaches them problem-solving skills. Children learn to build their own games and stories and this enhances their creativity. Children learn to think in a logical way.

Children aged 6 - 9 learn to build their own games like platformer games, games with collision and score, games with animation and more. Children aged 10 -18 learn to build 3D games using the HatchXR platform.

Children learn to build artificial intelligence chatbots and their own machine learning model. This course is for children aged 10 - 18.

Children aged 10 - 14 learn to design and code mobile apps and games for Android. Children are taught to publish their apps.

Children learn to design and build 3D games using the HatchXR platform. Children learn to design, code and build virtual reality games.

Future of coding
There are many openings in the coding field and there is a huge demand for professional coders. The future of coding will be bright for the next few years.

Learning to code may help the children in the future. It may help the children to choose their career paths. Enrolling in a coding school may help in their career growth.

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