How to Prepare NCERT Notes for class 12

Posted by Selfstudys on June 9th, 2021

NCERT Notes for Class 12th are one of the desirable study resources. It is extremely beneficial at the time of exam preparation. NCERT Notes for Class 12th are in simple and easy language that helps to cover the entire syllabus in a short period of time. During the exam preparation, it is a bit difficult to go through entire textbooks and syllabus. But having notes makes this work easy.

Students are required to revise their studied topics and concepts from time to time to have a better understanding of the subjects. In NCERT Books for class 12 there are generally Major subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Business Studies, Accountancy, etc. 

Students need to prepare their revision notes for the subjects as per their stream. But sometimes it took so much time to prepare the revision notes. So there are many online educational content provider websites that help students to get their notes quickly.

NCERT Class 12 Revision Notes to Get High Marks

According to experts NCERT Class 12 Revision Notes is the most effective way to prepare for the exams. Students are advised to prepare their revision notes by themselves. Because preparing notes helps to memorize things in a better way. Also, getting high marks is a dream of almost all students. But everyone doesn’t take the right steps during preparing for the exam. One of the best steps is by studying with the help of NCERT Class 12 Revision Notes. There are a few steps that should be kept in mind while preparing the NCERT Notes for revisioning the entire syllabus.

Things to keep in Mind While Preparing NCERT Notes

There are a few key points that should be kept in mind while preparing the NCERT Notes. A few major lists are given below as a guide to help students to prepare the best revision notes.

Point 1. A revision note should be very specific and crystal clear to understand. A note is required to have only key points instead of copying everything. 

Point 2. Using NCERT Books for Class 12th is the best way to prepare the class 12th notes. Because NCERT is one of the most easy and comprehensive textbooks out there.

Point 3. Use of Visual representation. While preparing notes it is important to include the diagrams and a few illustrations that can help students to remember things easier. Because learning with the help of images is easy.

Point 4. A student who has a better grasp over the NCERT Textbooks can write solutions very easily. Hence while preparing solutions such as for Maths and science or any subjects students should write answers they find useful and convenient.

Pont 5. Preparing notes requires a very patience nature. Because a student will have to cover entire topics and concepts. Leaving any chapter will make the notes less worthy. 

A revision note is the only thing that can save students from sitting for hours to study the chapters and NCERT Books. But it is also a responsibility because the notes should be tidy and correct. 

NCERT Class 12th Subject wise note should be prepared. Because every single subject is important in the examination. And they need equal attention. However, preparing revision notes while doing regular study is advisable. 

Preparing notes at the last moment or a few months back is not considered as a good practice. Because it will make students lost, confused and they will face many trouble while making notes at the end time.

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