Objective Analysis of Passport to Wealth Market Strategy Amid Criticism from Competitors and what it means for the home based business

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 28th, 2010

May 10, 2007 - Amidst the blatantly unfounded speculation and slander of those who have not investigated Passport to Wealth, there is no intention of fooling anyone about anything. That is the greatest strength of Passport to Wealth. The closer you hold it up to the light or even through the microscope, the better it looks. The gentleman who has published the helpful video explanation of how the system and company works on YouTube has done a fine job by showing the page where the compensation plan is revealed and showing the full product page with all of the current products in the elibrary collection of Passport to Wealth.

If these products were sold individually, they would sell for an average of $97 each or well over $100,000.00 retail considering that there are 192 current titles. I have used the products myself. They are well worth many times the $997 in true value. One product in particular, by Liz Tomey, offers a complete business, website, instructions with camstudio video, screenshot tutorials where she demonstrates how to implement advanced software creation techniques concerning the insertion of html code with variables in the source in order to allow for the rebranding of a product for your customer. She makes it as easy as one, two, three. She even shows clear detailed "Okay, now click here and put your website url here between this symbol and that one, and now this is what it will look like..." It then follows to a screenshot with the finished product with YOUR name and ways for YOUR customers to benefit immediately from the rebranding for resell of your product and even effectively market it. The product itself, is included as the rebranding is just a bonus as you can monetize it as well as use it.

This is just one example of the quality of products. Yes, you can give the products away, but you lose NONE of the value, because as they are digital, you are still able to use them! You, therefore are able to leverage the hardwork of multiple programmers, designers, copywriters, internet marketers for just $997 over and over again.

These products are useful for marketers in easy to read and directly measurable results. For instance, the time saved submitting articles to directories with an article submitter, hundreds of directories in just minutes, without having to manually re-enter information and search and find or even click on another directory after completing the first submission. These are indexed rapidly with the search engines after publication by the directories and are directly responsible for increasing relevant one-way links to your website link located in the "author's bio" or "about the author" section of the article, which is now published in several hundred directories! The search engine spiders crawl and index this information and very quickly you are now an expert author published in hundreds of article directories. Do you have ANY idea how many MONTHS it would take for you to achieve this increase in search engine website importance by submitting one at a time?

The increase in importance in the electronic eyes of the search engine results in higher page rank and as a result higher rankings and more visits as there is now a very real and increased market presence multiplied virally as a result of all the other websites that pick up the article to post as fresh content on their websites, not to mention those who do so for adsense revenue. If you take into consideration that these results are achieved by a simple marketing strategy accomplished in mere MINUTES, than you will begin to appreciate Passport to Wealth as the company who actually GIVES THIS PRODUCT AWAY to every visitor to the website who signs up for a FREE test-drive. This speaks volumes of the credibility of Passport to Wealth as a viable company who will be here for a long time to come.

The internet marketing consultation received from the team leaders and directors is invaluable as learning curves are quickly and efficiently overcome as newbies become marketers in a matter of days rather than months or years. The prewritten sales letters that automatically respond almost simultaneously to those requesting information clearly show that making a good living and income with Passport to Wealth as a sole and legitamate resource of income is not only very real and possible, but has happened for many already and will continue for many more to come!

The testimonies from those business owners who have already made life-changing income (several thousands of dollars in weeks) are just too many and from such a diversity of lifewalk, background and circumstances to ignore.

Because the system is automated with the autoresponders and even the growrichsystem of professional marketers handling all of the "work" aspect of the business for you, (this is available from the company for an extra charge if you prefer to hire the team to market for you) the system works in such a way as to sift, sort and separate qualified, interested buyers and prospective new business owners for you so that you don't have to.

There is nothing even remotely similar to anything like a pyramid or multilevel marketing operation, as the australian two-up system allows the qualified director to receive direct payments of the first two sales $997 each, immediately, which means that for every one new sale, there is really the accumulation of $2,991. Because there is no limit to how many sales you can make, (and why should there be?) it is possible to amass large breakthrough, retirement style income and lasting legitamate wealth from a tested, tried and proven business model.

For anyone who speaks against Passport to Wealth and even tries to remotely compare it to wannabes such as edc or perfect wealth formula, which don't even come close, you obviously haven't taken the time to thoroughly and objectively analyze every aspect of the company from the inside out and would be wise to reconsider as the facts, statistics, proof and testimonies reveal that not only is Passport to Wealth the best home business internet marketing opportunity online today, but it will be tomorrow as well.

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