5 Signs You Need To Hire A Social Media Manager

Posted by Naqs Tech on June 9th, 2021

Social Media Managers are the real multi-taskers. From being a strategist to being a designer, they do it all. They are core engineers of a strong social media marketing strategy. At Naqs Tech, we call our social media managers the true ‘marketing package’.We believe that every business needs an online presence to be successful. To ensure an active online presence, an active social media presence is crucial. However, many businesses don’t agree. They make the common mistake of only developing a website. Making a website is great, but social media is an effective marketing tool for businesses. To have your social media managed well, you need a social media manager. Do you know what a social media manager does? No. Let’s take a brief overview.
Handling a brand’s social channels is a responsibility of a social media manager.A misconception: A social media manager responds to queries received over social media. While this is also a social media manager’s job, but this is only a small part. He is more than just a customer service representative. The social media manager looks over the community management and content marketing strategy. He designs creative social media marketing strategies and implements them. So, a social media manager is a lot of things. He is a strategist, creative writer, designer, marketer, and customer support representative. He might not need to do all of this on the same day. Sometimes, he might have to be all at the same time. Therefore, a social media manager is an integral part of your social media strategy. If you still think you don’t need one, that’s okay. We will discuss some signs that will help you decide whether your business needs one or not.
When your business is in desperate need of good social media management, even then you might not see it. To help you, here are some signs that show that you need a social media manager.
  • Assumption – Social Media Marketing is Easy!
We find many businesses that make this mistake. Clients of Naqs Tech often tell us that they thought ‘social media marketing is easy!’. It is pretty common in Pakistani businesses. Our social media experts believe that businesses in Pakistan have potential. But they fail to understand the importance of aspects like social media marketing. As a business in Pakistan, you should know there are millions of social media users. According to recent statistics, there are 37 million social media users in Pakistan. Thus, a significant amount of your target customers is on social media. But are you targeting them at all? You are not really if you think you can manage your social media yourself. You need a social media manager to guide you about your content. Your content represents your company and its capabilities. When your content is creative, it speaks about your quality. Therefore, you cannot do all the tasks a social media manager does. You might challenge this by saying that if a social medial manager can do it all, why can’t you? That’s because a social media manager has experience in various fields. These fields include management, design, copywriting, and customer support.
  • Stagnant Social Channels
No engagement across all your social channels is a sign that you need a social media manager. A social media manager ensures that there is a content strategy. A good social media manager would constantly post content to your socials. This would target written posts to pictures and videos. At Naqs Tech, our social media managers create content calendars for our clients. These content calendars show dates on which planned content is posted. Content pillars are made describing the design of the posts. Their content is also included in the content plan. The social media manager then designs and posts them. This is why we believe that a social media manager does a lot. He takes a huge chunk of the marketing responsibilities on his shoulders. To take this burden off your shoulder, you need to have a social media manager for your business.
  • As Your Business Grows, Your Social Media Should Also!
As your business grows, your customers expect a lot from you. It is important that you keep them posted. For example, at Naqs Tech, we take the social media marketing of our clients seriously. As their customer base increases, we have to put in more effort. This effort goes into expanding their business more. We have clients that have a huge Facebook following. Just because they are huge businesses does not mean their social channels don’t need attention. For such clients, we create proper Facebook marketing strategies. A good social media manager would also do the same. He would not stop making strategies because you have a huge following. Rather, he will want to earn you an even bigger follower base. Your followers need to increase so your conversion rate increases. Note: At Naqs Tech, we evaluate which social channel holds your customers more. Our social media managers then make content plans accordingly. Afterward, we create Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing plans. So that your audience receives focused content. Especially the content that they want.
  • You Might Have Never Had Experience in Social Media Management!
To manage social media means to take responsibility for social media engagement. If the engagement goes down, you are responsible! Giving this responsibility to someone who knows how to handle content is smart. An experienced social media manager would take each step carefully. Then, he would propose creative ideas that can be implemented. He would maintain a flow of communication among everyone. This way the social media management would become smoother. In the long run, this management would raise your social media engagement. That’s how having an experienced professional managing your socials helps!
  • Your Are Neither a Creative nor a Copywriter
We mentioned this earlier: social media manager is a multitasker. He has a grip over all the creative jobs i.e. design and copywriting. If you are a business owner, your focus is mainly business development. That means you most probably have time for other things. But, at the same time, your social channels need attention. So, what do you do? You bring someone who can handle your social media for you. That will be your social media manager. That’s how, you might not realize it, but your business needs a social media manager. In fact, every business needs one. Every business that plans to maintain an active online existence. This will enable an expansion of your business.
We hope these tips help you see whether you need a social media manager or not. If you are having trouble finding a good social media manager, call Naqs Tech! We have the best professionals on the market to help your business grow.

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