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One weekend a few months later, Meng Kaisi band Mike? Nasmyth and his wifecame. John is performing the way they encountered, so I invited them overfor dinner, but they really came, he began to get nervous. But I was verypleased, although I still not so confident about their cooking skills. Sincethey cook came, I bought a lot of cookbooks, gradually will dish up. Now Ilike new friends, to cook for them to eat. Mike‘s wife, it seems to betrying to please him, may not seem like an accommodating guests. When I dothe dishes when she was always by my side around, says “Mike did not likethis, like that“ or “I always cook for Mike to eat“, I do not know how toresist not to strike her.
We often call to dinner with Bob?, Dylan and Joan? Baez. Bob is a goodfriend of John, two people interaction in music is very deep. He and Joan isone of those and we‘re free to friends, saying “I‘m not far from you, toyour dinner“, you can come over.
Although John and I know that we are rich, but their real spending power is not well understood. We’re home life is very simple, rarely drink, eat,drink a glass of milk is enough, to taste demands too much. John gave me 50pounds a week, is already a large sum at that time. I don’t often go shopping, go to most is to buy shoes. Wei bridge, every time I walk into ashoe store when the clerk rubbed his hands with glee, an hour later, I willcarry several shopping bags, is running out of money for a week.
I also like to buy clothes for Julian, as he likes to put on the show. Hehas named Lorraine Canada kids, is a blonde girl, every time he has a newthings would get to her bright wash. Bedding is one of my loves to buygoods. I often drive to Thames Walton–shopping mall to buy a lot of finelinens, pillowcases and quilt back. Remember when I lived in a rented house,I have only one sheet, after washing to dry during the day and pressed withan iron, shop at night. If the Sun is not strong enough, sheets can do it, Ifell asleep wrapped in blankets. So, now can buy so many Luxury upscalesheets, that’s great.
John is taller than I also like shopping. Shop often specifically opened forthe Beatles, and they will be like pushing a shopping cart in thesupermarket in the mall a lot of products. Occasionally glad he came backlike a child, with my gift, Julian‘s toys and buy his own clothes. He boughtme a beautiful “Cartier“ gold watch, a bracelet, on the high-end velvetjewelry boxes. There is a beautiful skirt, not just sexy, it is extravagant,you can wear at the debutante ball. When I put it on, John and me funny,“can you dance? “And we danced the waltz in the bedroom. Close to the bed,fashion show is continued for any length of time.

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