Madagascar Vanilla Beans: Premium Beans with Creamy & Buttery Flavor

Posted by fitnclean on June 10th, 2021

Originally found in Mexico, Vanilla beans are now easy to find around the world in places like Papa Guinea, Indonesia to Madagascar. Amongst all varieties, Gourmet Madagascar Vanilla beans are the best quality beans with an incredible flavour. These beans are dotted with millions of tiny and black vanilla seeds, which are easy to scrape out for making vanilla extract and powder. These beans are available both in online and offline marketplace and are the most expensive of the lot.

Flavor Profile

These beans are also known as Bourbon vanilla beans, though in no way it is related with any kind of alcohol. These beans are grown on the islands of Madagascar, the Comoros, etc. They are soft, pliable, rich and dark in color with an oily surface and an incredible buttery and sweet aroma. The Bourbon beans are available in both Grade A and Grade B with the moisture content of the former is above 30% and the latter is up to 25%.

Uses of Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Due to buttery and sweet flavour and aroma, one can use these beans in various recipes as a flavoring agent. The intense heavenly aroma makes it a perfect addition while making desserts and drinks. Other uses of the beans include preparing homemade vanilla extract, scraping it seeds and directly adding during cooking and while brewing coffee. Professional chefs and mixologist use vanilla beans for making beverages like cream soda floats and sangria.

Other Important Details

You will commonly find Madagascar Vanilla beans in Grade A variety in the marketplace. The reason is it is processed via “Bourbon” curing method that typically produces beans of the highest quality with higher moisture content.  The Grade A beans have moisture content approximately 33% and contain no breaks, splits or blemishes. In the online marketplace, you can easily find these beans in small and large quantity. However, if you make a purchase in bulk, you will get a good discount. The shelf life of vanilla beans of Grade A variety is up to 1 year if stored in a cool and dry place.

Equivalency Ratio

If you do not want to prepare homemade vanilla extract or powder, then you have an option to replace these ingredients with Madagascar vanilla bean. But for this, it is necessary that you have the right knowledge about the substitution ratio. You can easily replace 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract, 1 tablespoon of vanilla paste and powder with 1 whole vanilla bean in any dish.

Buy High- Quality Beans Online

In order to get high-quality beans at affordable rates, you need to make a purchase from a reputed company or a professional supplier. Most of the companies dealing with Madagascar vanilla beans give assurance that they follow triple inspection process before dispatching beans to customers. They ensure that the beans pass the certifications with regard to size, aroma, appearance and smell before packing them in commercial vacuum sealers. So, either look for such a company or you can make a purchase from professional online suppliers meeting both commercial and domestic demands of vanilla beans of customers.

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