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What Are the Different Versions of Draw Poker?

Posted by nick_niesen on October 26th, 2010

In a draw poker a full hand that is required for the game is dealt face down. An ante is required in most cases before the players see their cards. After seeing their cards, the players have the option of discarding some cards that is not useful and can have them replaced by a draw or re-dealing. A betting round follows the replacement and a showdown occurs. This is the general picture of draw poker.

There are several types of draws in a draw poker which are:-
?Flush draw poker
?Straight draw poker
?Back door draw poker

What is a flush draw poker game?
?When a draw is required to complete a flush then the draw is termed as flush draw poker.
?If there is a straight sequence of numbers in the same suit with just requiring another favorable draw to complete the straight it is called straight flush draw. A-K-Q-J-T of the same suit is the highest of the straight flush also called as royal flush and A-2-3-4-5 is the lowest.

What is straight draw poker game?
?If there is a straight sequence of numbers with requiring another favorable draw to complete the straight it is called straight draw.
?An outside straight draw refers to requiring a card to complete the straight in the beginning or the ending tail. X-7-8-9-T or 6-7-8-9-X
?An inside straight draw refers to requiring a card to complete the straight with filling in an inner void. 6-7-X-9-T. A double inside straight draw refers to requiring two cards to complete the straight with two voids 6-X-8-X-10

What is back door draw poker game?
?If a card requires two unseen cards (out) to conclude to win then it is called back door draw. It is very difficult to get back door draws with just picking two cards! It is a matter of luck to win with such draws.

There are several different kinds of draw poker with the most famous being the five stud draw poker. One good strategy with playing draw poker would be to fold in the first round if you do not have any kind of pair, partial flush, or chances for straight. Winning a hand with draw without anything fruitful in the first deal is quite near to impossible. The first deal should tell you how good or bad your chances with winning are.
Iain Clark has been playing draw poker for years and has recently decided to start posting articles and tips on his">draw poker blog.

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