Shorten URLs are not always fun, be wise to choose

Posted by smotij on December 3rd, 2015

Shorten URLs has many meaningful purposes. Basically this process is a kind of stress buster to the World Wide Web. World Wide Web has a certain amount of bandwidth which results in a certain storage capacity of the website. Long URL’s are difficult to memorise and type out so, short URL’s are more in use. Referred links in printed magazines and books are given after shortening because it is not possible to type those long ones, moreover you will not like to do it.

Twitter and some instant messaging services have limitation in number of characters for a message. Link shorterwould otherwise result in violating this constraint by creating a bridge between different web pages.



In this process of shortening, every long URL is associated with a unique key which is approximately one tenth of the URL. Redirections are treated as per HTTP status 301 (permanent redirect), 302 or 307 temporary redirect.

There are numerous techniques of URL shortening. Letters and numbers are randomly used in a non predictable sequence and sometimes as per users will. Unique key are made on the basis of hash function and random number generation.

Precautions to be taken:


  • Shorten URLs
    can lead to unidentified websites with malicious contents, which might put your privacy at risk. Mindfully and carefully surf and click to avoid these junk files to enter your system.

  • Popular URL shorteners like is exclusive to twitter and cannot be used for other social media service. So, choose wisely, links that can be used for combined purposes.

  • Always go through the contracts or terms and conditions given by the service providers so that you can be aware of the expiry of you shortened link. A permanent URL is not a necessary thing, sometime it is of one use and after that it is just blocking the space of another lunk.

  • Link shorter
    is subjected to linkrot if shortening services stops working, all related URL will broke eventually.


There are things to be worried about, but you just cannot stop working because of any trouble or fear of getting into a trouble. Go ahead and do your part.

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