5 Common Mistakes to Avoid at The Gun Range East Orlando

Posted by Larry on December 4th, 2015

You shouldn’t feel intimidated if it’s your first time visiting the gun range. There’s really a lot to learn but with time, you’ll find all those simple rules you were once worried about have become your habits. 

A shooting range is supposed to be a safe and secure place for target shooting. But some people make mistakes that end up putting themselves and other people in danger. We will take a look at a couple of mistakes you should avoid to protect yourself, other shooters and non-shooters at the gun range. 

Holding the gun incorrectly

As a new shooter, one of the first lessons you will probably learn is on how to hold the gun. You need to maintain a firm grip at all times. There are different types of grips that you are going to learn during the beginner course and this will help you to improve your shooting experience while at the gun range. You have a better chance of hitting the target if you get a good grip. 

Pointing the muzzle in the wrong direction

One of the common mistakes that new shooters make is holding the gun with the muzzle pointing in different directions. They forget they are holding a gun when talking to their friends and end up pointing people with the gun. This is against the rules of any gun range East Orlando. It’s unacceptable even after the magazine is empty. Don’t get excited and start pointing the gun at people around you. It’s the first thing you should avoid when visiting the range. 

Holding the trigger when you’re not ready to shoot

Your finger should never be on the trigger if you’re not ready to shoot. It doesn’t matter whether the gun is loaded or unloaded, holding the trigger if you’re not firing is unacceptable in every range. It can lead to very dangerous outcomes. 

Standing far behind the line

There is a designated line at the range where you are supposed to be shooting from. When you stand far behind the line, you put other shooters at risk. This can be a big issue especially if you are at an outdoor range. 

Acting like you know it all 

Whenever you visit the gun range, it is important to ask anything your not sure of and don’t act like you know everything. even the most experienced shooters visit the gun range orlando n in order to learn and improve their skill. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help so feel free to raise your concerns because that’s how you’ll learn. 

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