Talented Kid Chefs Following in Their Famous Parents' Footsteps

Posted by Nadia Winget on June 10th, 2021

Don’t you love watching those celebrity chefs on TV, looking so professional and elegant in their Chef whites and fancy Chef coats? I know I do! We follow them on social media, we follow their cooking programs on TV, we collect their recipes, and in fact, celebrity chefs seem to have more of a following behind them than actors and musicians.

However, did you know that many celebrity Chefs have children who are equally (if not better) talented as their parents, and are slowly becoming famous in their own way? We find it so exciting to watch these kid Chefs following in their parents’ footsteps with innovative cooking and recipe ideas (and don’t they look utterly adorable in their little Chef coats?).

Here are a few such kids who have not only followed in their parents’ footsteps, but are soon to become far more famous than them.

-          Gordon Ramsay and his daughter Matilda (Tilly) – Tilly Ramsay is already quite famous, being a part of her dad’s cooking shows as well as already publishing her own recipe book. She even cooks quite regularly for the family!

-          Jamie Oliver and his son Buddy – Famed TV Chef Jamie Oliver is often accompanied by his son Buddy, who has an equal passion for food as his famous dad. He even shares his own recipes and looks very comfortable working in a kitchen, and seems to be on the path for great things in the future.

-          Nadiya Hussain’s children Musa, Dawud and Maryam – These three kids are already getting excited about cooking and food and are surely following in their mom’s famous footsteps with their own renditions of favorite dishes.

-          Gino D’Acampo’s daughter Mia – This little pint-sized Chef has already become quite famous appearing together with her dad on social media.

-          Tom Kerridge’s son Acey – This little Chef is helping his dad out at home and is apparently quite interested in a career in a restaurant. It won’t be long till we see little Acey creating his own signature dishes decked up in his stylish Chef whites!

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