7 Tips for Winter Skin Care

Posted by sunainaram on December 4th, 2015

With temperatures dropping and frost coming on during the winter season, your skin could be greatly affected. Its relatively large surface area and close proximity to the environmental conditions make the skin more prone to damages. Keep your skin well hydrated and protected from the ravages of the environmental conditions with proper care. Here are some tips for skin care during winter. These skin care tips will be effective if your skin condition is not too worse, else you will have to go to a skin specialist in Bangalore.

1. Moisturize the skin
The first and the most important tip is to keep your skin well moisturized. There are so many different brands of moisturizers available in the market, and each brand uses varied types of ingredients. In summer, a water-based moisturizer may be enough. However in winter, preferably go for an oil-based or ointment-type moisturizer for better results.

2. Use a toner
For better skin care, apply a layer of toner on the skin before you apply a layer of moisturizer. The toner not only adds an extra layer of protection, but also enhances the effects of the moisturizer.

3. Don’t forget your feet
The feet are most exposed to the elements, especially if you love wearing sandals and heels even during the cold season. The dry cold air can suck up the moisture on your heels and leave cracks on them. Use a petroleum jelly or glycerine-based feet cream for best results. If you are not very sure about what to get, you can also consult a skin specialist in Bangalore.

4. Avoid peels and go for facial masks
Avoid irritating the delicate skin on your face by applying chemical or other types of peels. The skin is already too dry and using a peel can aggravate the condition and cause more dryness. Preferably use a foaming or a milk-based cleanser. You can also visit one of the skin clinics in Bangalore for a complete beauty treatment that’s perfect for the cold weather.

5. Use a good sunscreen
One mistake that most of us tend to make is that we don’t properly protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. In summer, you may apply sunscreen when you go out. But it is equally important during the winter months as the sun rays are very harsh during this time.

6. Use a humidifier
These days most places have a centralized AC system, which means the humidity levels in the internal air is very less. This can dry your skin and leave it feeling itchy. So, if you can’t turn off the AC and open up the windows, switch on a humidifier that will add more moisture into the internal air.

7. Visit a skin specialist
There are expert skin specialists in Bangalore whom you can consult if your skin requires professional care and treatment.

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