4 most prescribed medicine for diabetes in the Philippines

Posted by getmeds on June 10th, 2021

In the sector of healthcare, diabetes is known as a metabolic disorder that causes complex health conditions of the human body. It is a long-term treatment that sustains carefully with lifetime medicine for diabetes. If you left your body untreated, it might damage different body parts such as cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, blindness, nerve damage, and much more. It's vital to consult a diabetes specialist to get your prescribed medicine; you can order diabetes medicine through an online pharmacy to get them delivered hassle-free to the doorstep. Here are some top-most medicines for diabetes in detail.

The Most-Prescribed Medicine For Diabetes

As described in the above paragraph, diabetes is a lifelong process to the human body because diabetes can not be cured entirely through the human body. Diabetes can be maintained through medicine and a healthy lifestyle. But the positive part is you can still live your happy life and can easily fulfill yourself.

The earlier your diabetes condition is treated, the sooner your medicine will be in the process, and you can begin to maintain your healthy lifestyle without any effects and risks. You need to follow doctor-prescribed medicine and a healthy lifestyle not to be more affected. 

There are herbal medicines for diabetes that are also available. Many Filipino buy or use herbal medicines by seeing the improvement in their body. Using herbal medicine entirely depends on individuals as prescribed or recommended by the doctor. The best herbal medicine for diabetes is easily available on the online store.

In the Philippines, there are many drugstores or online pharmacies available; diabetes medicine prices may vary according to the dependency of the supplier or manufacturer. Sometimes it may vary depending on the salt you're taking. After consulting a doctor, you can begin your medicine by getting through a drugstore or ordering diabetes medicine online to get them delivered. Different diabetes medicines will be available, i.e., type1, type2, and type3, so you can get it easily from showing your prescription. If you're buying diabetes medicine online,you can upload your prescription  to get the medicine at home. 


For those with type 2 diabetes, metformin is one of the most commonly used as it reduces the sugar amount in the body that the liver releases into your blood. It additionally does excellent work of building your body to react more beneficial to insulin. It is used as a generic medicine; the medicine called Saphormin or RiteMed Metformin contains metformin and is easily available online.


It works by reducing the amount of sugar in the blood and also helps to control type 2 diabetes symptoms. Diabetes medicine in the Philippines such as Jardiance contains Empagliflozin generic name prescribed to individuals who want to control their sugar level. It is best used with a healthy diet and daily exercise or walking. It is easily available in any drugstore in the Philippines.


Glumet is a medicine for diabetes that contains metformin that helps improve and control the sugar level in the blood, individuals with type 2 diabetes. In some rare cases, pioglitazone and metformin are used concurrently to manage blood sugar, which generally avoids insulin injection. They take this medicine despite insulin injection as prescribed by the specialists.

Glumet XR

Glumet XR can be practiced adjacent to other diabetes medicines; it can be taken only when the doctors prescribe it. Glumet XR contains metformin that counts as an excellent medicine to control the sugar level of the person. The best part of this medicine is it's easily available in any drugstore or online store in the Philippines.

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