Classification of Laminate Boards

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Amulya Mica Laminate Boards are the most often utilized surface treatment for furniture elements because they provide a beautiful look at a low cost. They also add to the longevity of the furniture because they are scratch-resistant and straightforward to maintain. Because of the availability of many varieties of laminates, commercial and corporate offices, industries, restaurants, hotels, showrooms, and other locations are currently being adorned with laminates.

There are various varieties of laminates available on the market based on their application. We have attempted to provide basic information on several types of laminates that a homeowner should be aware of before purchasing laminates for their home. Here are few laminates classified based on Pressure Applied, Thickness, Usage, Surface Finish, and Advanced Properties.

1.  Based on Pressure Applied:

●     High-Pressure Laminate (HPL):

High-pressure laminates are made by applying high pressure to the décor paper and the craft paper. Carpenters typically fix them over plywood and MDF while building furniture. High-pressure laminates are exceptionally robust and capable of withstanding huge loads.

●     Low-Pressure Laminate (LPL):

Low-pressure laminates involve the decorative paper is soaked in melamine resin before being directly bonded to particleboard or fiberboard (MDF and HDF) at low pressure.

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2.  Based on Thickness:

●     Regular Laminate Sheets:

The thickness of ordinary laminate sheets ranges from 8 mm to 1.5 mm. Carpenters use typical adhesives such as Fevicol to adhere these sheets to substrate materials such as plywood.

●     Compact Laminate Sheets:

The thickness of compact laminate sheets ranges from 3 mm to 30 mm. Because these laminates are self-supporting, they do not need to be attached to wood or other materials. Compact laminate sheets have ornamental surfaces on the top and bottom sides.

3.  Based on Usage:

●     Decorative Laminates:

Decorative laminates are rigid sheets of roughly 1 mm thickness that is extensively used to give furniture elements a completed look. They are frequently used to adorn and protect wooden furniture. Decorative laminates come in a wide range of colours, styles, and textures. They are commonly employed in residential locations to enhance the ornamental appearance of the home.

●     Industrial Laminates:

Industrial laminates are more robust, more resistant to scratches and wear and tear, and more durable. They are also resistant to fire, antibacterial agents, and chemicals. They are widely used in enterprises and hospitals. Industrial laminates are used to make circuit boards.

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4.  Based on Surface Finish:

●     Solid Colored Laminates:

These are the most often used laminate sheets. The entire laminate sheet is a single solid colour. It is commonly found in bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops.

●     Gloss Finished Laminates:

The décor paper has a glossy surface, and this type of finish may frequently make the furniture look more eye-catching and stick out. It's a commonplace in restaurants, hotels, and the event business.

●     Matt Finished Laminates:

This is a flat finish with a "matt" look on the laminate's surface. It is more typically utilized in corporate settings, such as sizeable professional business offices, where a discreet but attractive office appearance is sought.

●     Textured Laminates:

Textured laminates are created in such a way that you can feel the pattern or texture printed on the décor paper. Natural materials such as wood, natural stones, leather, metals, and so on. They give the furnishings a natural appearance. They are most typically used for wall and floor cladding.

●     WoodGrain Laminates:

Woodgrain laminates are created in such a way that they have the appearance of natural wood. They are widely employed in the manufacture of laminate wood flooring. Woodgrain laminates are available in a variety of hardwood and softwood designs.

●     Metal Laminates:

Metal laminates give the surface of furniture a metallic appearance. Metallic laminate is suitable for both commercial and residential applications. It is utilized in offices, corporate buildings, showrooms, and other public places.

●     Leather Laminate Sheets:

Leather laminate sheets simulate the appearance of genuine leather. Cabinets and other furniture parts are made from leather laminate sheets.

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5.  Based on Advanced Properties:

●     Fire Rated Laminate:

These laminates are made with a special fire-resistant resin. Fire-rated laminate is often used for interior design in fire-prone areas such as industries, airports, hospitals, institutions & banks, kitchens, etc.

●     Antibacterial Laminate:

These laminates are commonly utilized in hospitals and restaurants, where sanitation is of the utmost importance. Bacteria and pathogens are inhibited by antibacterial laminate.

●     Outdoor UV Laminates:

Billboards are made with outdoor UV laminates.

●     Electrostatic Dissipative Laminate:

Electrostatic dissipative laminates are widely utilized in electronic assembly, dust-free conditions for circuit board production, and other workplaces such as hospitals, medical offices, and laboratories.

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