Keep Track of the Shipment Details using GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Posted by sunainaram on December 4th, 2015

Online shopping is a rage these days with many e-commerce outlets vying with each other by providing deeper discounts and larger deals. Many people go online shopping as it is not only affordable and convenient, but also because they don’t have to worry about carrying their purchase back home. The online store and vendor deliver the purchased product right to the doorstep on the right time. If you too want to compete in this virtual shopping market, then you should definitely make sure that your product delivery happens on time and in a safe manner. The GPS vehicle tracking system in India has allowed online retailers to provide regular updates and tracking status of their purchase.

When an online shopper makes a purchase, he/she is immediately sent a message and a mail regarding the purchase and the shipment details. This is because the movement of the product from the warehouse to the customer’s house is continually tracked using a GPS tracking device. When the product is packed and shipped out of the warehouse, a message alert is sent to the customer. Then whenever the product reaches the dispatch spot or the stopover points, the customer is updated about the location of the product. When the truck carrying the product starts from the initial point and till it reaches the dispatch centre in India, a GPS vehicle tracking system is used to track the vehicle’s movement. So, if the customer contacts the customer care, they will be able to immediately say the status of the product location and the estimated time of delivery. When you give regular updates to your customers, they will feel more confident about your online retail outlet. Plus, the customer will be able to arrange for a person to be at home so that they can collect the purchase. This will also reduce the number of returns due to door lock.

It is during the last stage of delivery that you will be able to make use of the employee GPS tracker. This tracking device will allow the manager or administrator to track the movement of the delivery boys and calculate the distance travelled by them each day. This employee GPS tracker will create reports of the distance travelled, time taken to travel between addresses and other pertinent details for the reference of the manager. So, the manager will be able to appraise the employee’s performance and productivity.

On the whole, a GPS tracking device will not only allow you to create better customer satisfaction, but also improve your delivery team’s performance.

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