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Posted by Squadsy on June 10th, 2021

As we progress in our careers, we look back and remember those experiences where we truly felt like we belonged. If we deconstruct that experience and look for the ‘why’, one of the key aspects is that we felt welcomed and cared for. This clearly translates into research data that shows that a great pre onboarding program can improve overall retention drastically. So we can see a trend of organizations increasingly investing in new hire experiences.

A key development in this trend is the adoption of employee onboarding platforms. When we say the onboarding process, this would include completing the paperwork required for being an employee of the company, The background verification, scheduling an interview and sending in reminders, sending joining letters, explaining job responsibilities, induction on the first day, and allotting tasks to the employee etc. For companies that are growing, it can be challenging managing these at scale. But when software comes into the role and can support you in the process, you have half the burden released from your shoulders. You can then focus on more important things like designing the right onboarding experience. If you are looking for software that can actually perform well and help you with new employee onboarding, reach out to our team at Squadsy.

Squadsy helps companies created automated employee onboarding process.The platform allows you to architect the entire experience starting right when the candidate has accepted their offer letter and also gain insights on onboarding ROI and feedback.

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