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Posted by honggi on December 5th, 2015

After been released on 8 January 2015, Zulrah, the level 725 snake, is one of the most dangerous boss in Old School. It is almost impossible for you to kill it once. Chances are that you will need enough RS 2007 gold to help you kill the boss successfully. There is no doubt many Old School players have already killed this boss and get the rewards. If you also want to kill the boss as fast as possible, you can buy rs 2007 gold cheap on RSorder. Besides, here are our tips on how to kill Zulrah fast.

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?High-level Ranged and Magic is very necessary

Zulrah can only be attacked with Melee by use of a halberd for minimal damage, and this make it useful to attack with Rangedand Magic. 94+Mage is highly recommended to use the luner spell Vengeance. It is wise for you to activate Protect from Missiles when he is green. When it comes to blue form, activate Protect from Magic instead. Be aware when the boss switch between Magic and Ranged. In this period, you must flick each attack or you may be hit 40+ damage.

Take care during the turquoise form

When it comes to the turquoise form, Zulrah will summon a Snakeling which will bring 1 hitpoint to you. A Ring of Recoil can be a great option to kill them off if necessary. You will be in dangerous if your hitpoints are low and there are nearby fumes, especially when Zulrah turns to crimson since they will take Melee damage and also be stunned. During his light green form, it is wise for you to use prayer flicking and store enough food with you. As you can see, Magic and Ranged attacks can be used to against the player. If it possible, you should use long-ranged attacks which can help avoid the venom clouds when Zulrah is in the way of them.

In order to ensure you can kill Zulrah successfully, best gear and weapons are very necessary.
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