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Posted by Joanna Lewis on December 5th, 2015

A pregnancy can be terminated with medicines, on grounds of personal choice, sexual violence, inability to carry the birth of child due to social-economic factors, health reasons, growing age etc. The medical procedure takes place with use of MTP Kit containing Mifepristone (1 pill of 200mg each) and Misoprostol (4 tablets of 200mcg each) to end a 4 to 9 week old pregnancy. The process can be conducted in clinic under doctor’s supervision or home, where the person can seek help from close ones, or take the tablets herself without assistance. Here are steps as how to DIY an abortion.

How to Begin Medical Abortion?

Before starting off with the procedure, the woman has to confirm her gestation age. She can receive a womb ultrasound for exact fetus age. Then on first day, consumption of Mifepristone tablet is done with water, orally without powdering or breaking the pill. The next two days, no medication is required.

On the third day, Misoprostol tablets need to be put beneath tongue. Contents melt there, and have to be ingested with no use of water, orally, after half an hour. Sometimes, more than one MTP Kit may be needed to complete the process.

What Happens With Medicines Action?

Mifepristone pill ceases progesterone hormone production. When reproductive system is in absence of this hormone, the uterine implantation line deteriorates, detaching fetus. This supportive tissue lining holds fetus no more, keeps it away from nutrition and oxygen. Thus, embryo breaks down, and cervix dilates.

Misoprostol tablets are motion generating agents in womb, which contract fetus mildly or moderately to expel fetal sections successfully. The motions can produce slight cramps in abdomen that are painful for some women. Fetal parts are dispelled from vagina with aid of bleeding, flushing them out completely. Bleeding is heavy, more than menses.

How to Manage Side Effects?

Due to womb contractions, abdomen cramps are expected, and so is heavy bleeding having lots of large clots. Apart from these, generally there are no ill consequences to medical MTP Kit abortion. However, the person may experience slight short lived effects like headache, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, drowsiness etc. These can be handled comfortably.

What to Avoid During the Regimen?

These medicines must not be combined with alcohol and smoking. Only take the tablets as dosage recommended, and not an overdose, or it may cause some serious side effects like severe cramps etc. The user must rest her body and mind, being away from extreme physical activities and stress. After successful termination, until recovery it is better not to have intercourse. Mild bleeding or spotting is expected up to weeks.

Who must not take the Pills?

Breastfeeding females or those with cardiac/nervous system /liver /kidney /metabolism /uterus issues, heavy alcoholics, over 12 weeks pregnant, chain smokers, allergic to tablets, more than 35 years of age, chronic adrenal failure, severe reproductive hormonal disorders, ectopic pregnant, have intrauterine device placed, should not use MTP Kit abortion pills for pregnancy termination.

What are the Interactions?

Grapefruit juice, erythromycin, ketoconazole, and itraconazole may increase levels of Mifepristone in body. St. John's Wort, dexamethasone, rifampin, and some anticonvulsants such as phenobarbital, carbamazepine, and phenytoin can lower levels of progesterone blockers in system. Other progesterone inhibitors must not be taken along with Mifepristone pills. And, Misoprostol tablets should not be taken with vitamins, herbal supplements, antacids, particular antibiotics.

Is There Possibility of Complications?

Rarely do the medicines cause incomplete pregnancy ending or complications. The tablets in the pack are FDA approved and certified for essential medications by the WHO. The MTP Kit has a high efficacy rate, more than 98%. A very few users in thousands of women may experience very heavy bleeding, fever, bacterial infections, which require medical attention. Otherwise more than 2 million females in America have used the abortion pills safely to end an unwanted pregnancy.

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