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Posted by Md Khann on June 10th, 2021

In the 21st century, it is essential to have an email account not only to maintain contact with family or friends but also as a professional tool. It helps us to keep in touch with family and friends, but also to find a job and register as users on pages that teach online courses or any type of web platform. 

Sure, young people know how to create an email account in just minutes, but older people may have some difficulties. Therefore, from the Adecco Foundation, we propose in this post a series of very simple steps to use this contact form, which in addition to being useful, is free

What platform do I use?

There are many pages that offer the ability to create an email. Therefore, people who are in this process can choose and adapt to the web that is easier for them. Gmail, Outlook- formerly known as Hotmail-, Yahoo, and AOL are the most popular websites that offer this service. All of them have a very similar operation. 

What steps should I take?

1. Choose the server where we want to create the email. The first step we have to do to create the email account is to select the server where we want to create the account. Once you know what platform you want to open an account on, do a simple Google search for "Create Gmail account"; for example, and access their website. 

2. "Create account/register now" . Depending on the server, they will resort to the use of one terminology or another. In this option, we will be asked to enter our basic personal information - name and surname, date of birth, country/region, contact telephone number, and email address that we want to use. Regarding the latter, it is advisable to use a simple and serious address in which our name and surnames appear - or initials thereof - so that we can be quickly identified. It is advisable not to enter the date of birth in the email address to avoid creating situations of discrimination, especially when looking for a job. 

3. Username. In this case, it is important to choose it well. The reason is that it will be the email address that we will have when creating the account. It is the one that we can give to family, friends, clients, etc. It is possible that, since there are so many millions of people, we will not find an email for a simple name, for example, our first name. We will have to introduce variants until we find one that we like. 

4. Password and confirmation of it. It is necessary to choose a password and repeat it for later verification. It is important that it is safe. To do this, you must include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. It must be at least eight characters long and include more if we want to increase security. 

Date of birth. To create a Gmail account you must be at least 18 years old. 

Sex. Woman, man, or other. 

Mobile phone number. We can recover the password if we have the phone number associated with the email. In addition, it gives a plus of security.

Current mailing address. Here it is appropriate to put an alternative email address, which will serve as an alternative communication method to the Gmail account. In this way, if the mobile is not operational, this email can be used to recover the password. 

Anti-robot field (Captcha). You have to transcribe what is seen in the photograph or mark the photos that are requested. This is done in order to avoid the creation of automatic Gmail accounts. 


The password is one of the most important steps when we face the creation of an email account. From Fundación Adecco we recommend a password that we can easily remember but that, at the same time, is not easy to hack. Normally, a lot is used to use the date and month of birth, an important month and year in your life, the name of your pet, or something easy to memorize. On the other hand, it is very appropriate to alternate the use of uppercase letters with lowercase letters - for example, we can put the first letter in uppercase and the rest in lowercase.

On the other hand, as informative data, it must be added that email accounts already offer the possibility of indicating the option "remember me" or similar, in which if we activate it we can save our account and password. In this way, every time we visit our email profile, we will not have to enter either the email or the password. 

Through these brief instructions, anyone can create an email account with relative ease and in a very short period of time. From there, you can start working and contemplate the many possibilities that email offers.

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