A different proposal for your St. Thomas excursions and St. John excursions

Posted by aimewolf on December 6th, 2015

A boat trip, most often than not, turns out to be sensational. Somewhere at the back of our minds, we are all scared of water, even when we fairly know how to swim. The idea of getting into a boat and exploring the azure waters of the US and British Virgin Islands is thus one of the best adventures you will ever have in your life. St. Thomas excursions and St. John excursions on chartered boats will make you feel good that you took the decision to experience these trips. A family run business of chartered boats can ensure that you have an experience like never before.

St. Thomas excursions and St. John excursions on a chartered boat is filled with activities and you are sure going to miss the days once your vacation is over. The waters are pure blue and you will almost want to jump out of your boat (don’t do that though). The best part of chartering your boat is that you get to choose what to do and the service provider will ensure to the best of their ability and experience that all that you want done is done. For instance, if you want to spend more time at a particular place, that can be arranged for you. In short, once you pay for your boat, you get to decide how your travel itinerary should look like.

St. Thomas excursions and St. John excursions are not just about chartered boat rides though. Yes, chartering a boat adds to your experience. You can visit the different tourist attractions of these islands on your chartered boat – the difference in experience is astounding. For instance, if you are planning to visit the Virgin Islands National Park or opt for hiking, snorkeling and kayaking at Hassel Island, why not use your boat to reach these destinations? Many tourists opt for this mode of transport and there is really no one who is not delighted with the experience.

The chartered boats that you hire for your St. Thomas excursions and St. John excursions are, of course, top of the class. The boats are spacious enough for six to nine guests and you have fantastic amenities available. There is a captain who mans the boat and this person also ensures that your itinerary is followed as much as possible. It is best to plan your itinerary in advance so that the travel plan is formulated. Making last minute changes is not advisable although some of the changes can be accommodated. Again, it is safe to assume that you will be the one to decide how you want your itinerary to be designed.

The Virgin Islands are delightful for all tourist. There are some tourists who go through the tried and tested itineraries and there are some who want more adventure. St. Thomas excursions and St. John excursions on chartered boats fall into the second category. You can rest assured that your vacation to this place will only be complete when you experience a chartered boat.

Make the most of St. Thomas excursions and St. John excursions on a chartered boat.

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