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Posted by universal translation service on June 10th, 2021

Many people ask this question, that how hard is it to become a US citizen? Though people from all continents are interested in becoming US citizens, the current administration has made the processing very difficult. The main problems while migrating to the US involve the high budget that causes financial problems. Some people find it hard to adjust without the support of any US relative.

The process of applying for US migration is very complex due to the USCIS requirements. Therefore, it is very hard for other nationalists to understand the procedure. A helpful option, in this case, is to hire a lawyer who can explain all the details to you. Some people change their homeland because they don’t get enough opportunities in the country they live in. Though, the reason for migration can be different for different people. But as a whole, becoming a lawful permanent US resident is a hard thing to do because of the changes in the immigration system.

How to know if you are eligible or not?

If you want to unravel how hard it is to become a US citizen, then the first step is crucial. You must check whether you can apply for immigration to U.S. or not. You are a US citizen already if you are born there or your parents live there. But if you are not a US citizen prior, then you need to apply for it. In case, you want to become a green card holder, you need to follow a long procedure instead of just filling out the form. There are several other requirements set by the current administration that you need to speak English fluently, an understanding of the history of America, and few more things. Then you should pay the application fees. The process can be time-consuming which makes it a bit difficult.


How to become a permanent U.S. resident?

You can become a U.S. resident through the following procedure:

Confirm whether you are eligible for the process or not.

Next, you need to go through the naturalization process. You will send an application to USCIS to proceed with the interview and test. Make sure to clear the test and pass the interview because it will be the key gate for you to become a US citizen.

Then you decide whether you want to become a green card holder or a permanent resident of the United States.

In case, you’re well-educated, you will get US citizenship within the next 5 years. But if you have married a US citizen, then it will take 3 years for you to become a green card owner. In all of the cases, only lawful permanent residents of the US can apply for citizenship.

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