Google Play gift card - The new-age style of gifting

Posted by AxelPrice on December 6th, 2015

With the advancement in the world of technology, there has been a significant change in lifestyle that is reflected even in the way we choose to buy gifts. Mobile phones and especially smartphones are extremely popular in today’s world. And thus, you can gift your loved ones something that helps them have a better experience with their smartphone. One such way is Google Play gift card. These eGift cards are so popular today because they are cost effective, easy to buy and easy to gift. Google Play basically is the combination of Google eBookstore, Google Music and Android Market.

Thus, in Google Play you can buy music, books, movies and various applications, and the facilities you buy are stored in your cloud. Google Play acts as the syncing agent between the web and the phone. What you buy on the web is stored on your phone for further use. You can rent a movie on the web and can watch it on your phone or laptop. Google Play gift card thus opens a wide range of scopes of entertainment to the person you are gifting it to. Since the apps that you buy through eGift cards stay in the cloud, it does not constrict the storage capacity of your phone.

Google Play is the one-stop-shop for every possible kind of apps. By using a Google Play gift card, you can access every app that is available online. Moreover, one unique facility of using Google Play is that you can upload the music you like which currently is not in the playlist or something that you have jammed recently. Not just the users of Android, but also any user who has access to Google Play can avail this facility of eGift cards; such is the diversity of access that is offered by Google.

Shopping of eGift cards is easy, and it is directly delivered to the e-mail id of the receiver. You can also schedule the time and date of the delivery of the Google Play gift card if you intend to send it on a special occasion. Since there is no gift-wrapping or shipping involved, you can save money on that. You can also add a personal message to customize the gift and make it special. If there is a sudden invitation or you have missed buying a gift on time and now you need to rush to make a purchase, this facility is a great option.

You are saving ecology too by opting for a Google Play gift card because there is no use of paper. The entire gifting procedure is simple and it saves a lot of time as well. There is only one thing that you need to keep in mind while buying eGift cards - the gift card should match the geographic region of the recipient and his/her Google account. This is because, Google Play cards are unique for each country and geographic shuffling of cards is not an available option. The receiver only has to open the e-mail and use the code for redeeming at his/her Google Play account. Gift something new and unique to your loved ones and open a wide sky of entertainment in front of them.

To gift something new age to your friends, you can opt for Google Play gift card. To give your loved one more access to different forms of digital entertainment, try eGift cards.

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