Wintery Wall Colours That Will Do You Good

Posted by Edward on December 6th, 2015

It is that time of the year again! Winters are here! Given the ever increasing number of summer months every single year, winters often arrive as a sign of relief for everybody. There’s just something about the winter season that just sets the mood right. One big reason for this is the fact that this season plays host to a majority of festivals.

Since the festivities are upon us, everybody is busy revamping their houses, party planning, and going on extensive holiday shopping sprees. More often than not, revamping your house begins with re-colouring your walls, or changing your kitchen tiles or buying new furniture.

Well, if you’re looking to re-paint your walls, here are some colours which definitely deserve your attention:


The Classic & Conventional Navy Blue:

Fundamentally, navy blue is one colour which is often synonymous with nautical home decor themes and summer based interior designs. But this winter season has seen the rise of this so called orthodox colour making it an ideal choice this change of season. It has replaced the conventional reds and greens that are usually in every winter. Sophisticated, rich and attractive, navy blue is the perfect amalgamation of all that is good. It can suit both contemporary and rustic themes with equal seamlessness.

Just imagine a rustic navy blue background colour on your wall tiles accentuating your fireplace in your common room where you’ve laid down your annual Christmas festivities.


The Evergreen Nature of Charcoal:

Whether it is the colour of your walls or the colour of your floor tiles, charcoal grey is every home decor expert’s favourite. Oh sure, black, blue and off white will always remain in fashion but every season has its own line of neutrals which will fit in seamlessly with your current interior design. Charcoal grey has therefore taken centre stage when it comes to compact interiors. A tone darker than all other gray shades, it goes well will both light and dark bold colours alike.

Influx of Metallic Hues:

Last year saw the rise of metallic accents and hues as we moved towards highly contemporary and minimalistic designs and trends. These accents are powerful enough to infuse energy into any existing home decor setting. This trend continued to remain the buzzword this year as well and is bound to continue come 2016. And winter seems like the ideal season to experiment.

Black & Gold Bring a Touch of Class:

If you look at any home decor or interior design magazine, black and yellow will occupy at least one of the top 5 pages without one shadow of a doubt. This year has seen gold replace the classic yellow colour as it blends in even more perfectly with black interiors. Welcome that sense of sophistication and glamour that goes along with it.

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