5 Effective Ways to Brighten Up Your Room

Posted by Edward on December 6th, 2015

Dim rooms don’t necessarily need to stay that way throughout the year. By simply toggling with the lighting and colour, you can brighten those dim rooms right away. Even if it doesn’t seem so, this will bring a gigantic difference. Especially with the festive season taking shape in full swing, everybody could do with a little added brightness.

Here’s how you can pull it off with a touch of sophistication intact:

  1.        White ceilings are evergreen:

If your room ceiling has been painted with a dark or bold colour, no wonder your room looks dim as the ceiling somewhat affects the mood of the entire room. A white ceiling will reflect most of the light striking it just like floor tiles do. This in turn will lift the spirits of your room. That being said, if you’re not a fan of white for some weird reasons, you can also give mint, cream, off white and light yellow a shot as well.

  1.        Make sure there’s enough room for natural light:

If you’re tired of your dark room, it is just plain common sense that you haven’t paid much heed to natural light. Make the most of what you have and let the light flow in where it may! Remove those dark blinds which cover your windows and wall tiles. Go for airy and light themed window coverings instead. Moreover, try your best to avoid plastic and wooden blinds which will block the light completely.


  1.        Never be shy of incorporating custom lighting:

If there are some activities which are specific to your room like reading, writing, or working on the laptop, then you should consider incorporating specific lights in the right places to help you with your chores. You could use a creative light mount for your study table or a night lamp near your piano.

  1.        Brighter bulbs are in:

Have you started using CFLs inside your house? If not, then its time to change that starting today! They are not only effective when it comes to lighting but they also care for your pockets in ways more than one. Use CFLs of lower wattage which exude a much higher output than regular bulbs.

  1.        Find credible replacements for overhead lights:

Its not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to overhead lights which somewhat highlight the ‘darkness’ quotient of a room. Pun intended! Instead of overdoing with fluorescent lights everywhere, place your artificial lighting diligently and carefully so the room looks as aesthetically pleasant and natural as possible. You can also use floor lamps which will not only accentuate the overall appeal of your room but will also diffuse light in the necessary areas effectively. Can you imagine a dark rustic floor lamp sitting right next to your wall tiles or floor tiles?

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