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Posted by MichealH Alexander on June 10th, 2021

We buy IOS developer account, enterprise type, membership fee is 299 US dollar one year. Now we want to talk about the IOS skills for an IOS developer, Object-C and Swift is ios development language for IOS developers who use IOS account.

You not only work with us the IOS developer account, you can also learn some suggestions about what skills should an IOS developer have. Buy Apple Developer Enterprise Account

Mastering Objective-C/Swift, knowing app development process and developer account, and good at researching documents resources(apple document library, google, stack overflow, etc), then you can find a job, of course this is mainly based on what the company requires, you can go to some hiring website to check what they requires in specific for IOS developer.

For an example, these requirements are recommended by us.

Middle-large size companies which recruit one year experience IOS developer have these requirements in general, check below

• Good at Objective-C and Swift

• Good at ARC, MRC and core management theory.

• Good at multiple line coding and GCD

• Good at using ios developer account.

• Know http/ip, TCP/UDP, socket, json/xml

• Know regular fram such as AFNetWorking, etc.

• Good at installing every kind kit of UIKIT, know layout (at least can use storyboard and NSLayoutConstraing)

• Good at MVC design module

• Know date structure and normal arithmetic

• Have ability to learn and solve problem by yourself, good at google,stack overflow, etc.

• Know git/svn

• IOS developer who has online app piece has superior position.

The last 3 basic thing, at least you are familiar with the skills if you are not very good at it, no matter the recruiting company is large or small , they all require that, of course the interview skill is important too, you will know after you attend 2-3 interviews.

IOS developer should at least have the experience to use individual developer account, if your profession in college is this, you should already got your personal developer account, it will be important thing in the future when you join your company’s IOS developer team. Then you will be working in one team, not only your IOS skills will help your team, you still need to cooperate with your team member. This is a suggestion if you want to do this job, if you are the leader, it helps you to find a qualified engineer. Recycle Apple Developer Enterprise Account

Because we have many projects with big clients, we need to prepare more developer account, company version is not difficult to create, normally apple will approve pretty quickly, as long as you have the duns number, then everything is fast and almost 100% approved, Our IOS developers can also help your business if you have such project, mostly what we need from foreign countries is the enterprise developer account. In return we will give you solution when you are using your developer account or applying new developer account.

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