Death Changes in Guarded Zones in Deadman Mode

Posted by honggi on December 7th, 2015

Old school team has taken some measures to prevent the suicide of the dead model. When you train in the "security zone", chances are that you will be killed by other players. This may be harassment, if someone did it to a player repeatedly. Now a solution to this problem out. If you need to, because the RS 07 dead suiciders gold in the game, you can consider buying cheap old school runescape deadman gold cheaper On RSorder

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Guarding zones.Now, guarded area of ??the old school change team made some changes death penalty, which may stop suiciders own money. If you die skeleton of a guard zone, you are now in addition to existing projects and XP lose lose your experience, 10% of the protected skills. But you will not, if you die without a skull guarded area protection skills lose your experience. Now, players will have to take the risk of loss of XP to protect their skills, another if he wanted to commit suicide guarded old school runescape deadman gold
Safety zone will not be absolutely safe.If old school repair suiciders completely, then the player will feel safe "security zone"; however, the players are not the time, after the update, the security zone is absolutely safe. Safe areas are not safe, nor is it meant to be. They guard. Many of you are wondering why not just let the old varsity guard zone into the safe area, the fact is that they do not want you to feel safe anywhere, even in a safe area. They want people to be able to kill your guard zone, if they feel it is worth the risk. Therefore, it is necessary for you to prepare enough gold dead bear in the game challenging.

As we know, Deadman mode is a new PvP survival game mode. In Deadman mode, player versus player combat is enabled everywhere and you can be attacked by anyone. When another player kills you, you lose everything you're holding, a part of your bank and half of your gained experience! where dangers and opportunities co-exsit. So if you want to find a best site to buy deadman mode gold with safe trade process without any attack. I think RSorder is your best choice.

Since you are playing Dead mode, you should always make yourself ready for any tasks and problems in the game. Just make sure you can collect enough gold dead, make the most of the game. RSorder always have plenty of cheap RS 2007 is sold dead. You can get the cheapest gold in the form of RSorder

Have fun games.

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