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China’s “number one police spend” Lok! media disclosure of the news, quicklyconcerns throughout the country. “Top police flowers” named Faye, was aDepartment of the Ministry of public security cadres, involvement in theBeijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other cases, has been “double”. Faye Wongis a kind of woman, why, arouse the concern?
Shantou Public Security Bureau of fashion girl
Earlier, in media coverage of Faye Wong, and disclosure of their personalexperience is not much. In order to unravel the mysteries of its reportersrushed to Guangdong, to conduct field investigations and interviews. Is onereporter, some people who have had contact with Faye Wong, heard “Faye Wong”the word, with a meaningful smile on his face.
Born in the late 1970 ‘s, Faye Wong, and was a common literary official ofthe Shenyang military region, as Gabriel, sweet voice, can sing and dance.2000 employee changes employment, she was lucky to be assigned to propagandawork, Shantou city, Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau.
Faye Wong is a very clever man, knows what their advantages are. When theyfirst entered Shantou Public Security Bureau, and she is very hard toshowcase their literary expertise, gain recognition of the leaders andcolleagues. After that, she hosted a local public order multiple partysystem, also appeared frequently in other literary events. Then Faye, “workenergy and very positive, was a real activist.”
A quite familiar to Faye media sources, as advocates of the Public Security Bureau, Wang outgoing and soon and some journalists have cooked up.
However, Wong left the deepest impression on colleagues, or her life ofluxury – covered with brand-name; the most conspicuous is that every dayshe drives a white Mazda convertible sports car to work. For a long time,”the Public Security Bureau that babe in the white sports car”, talk of theShantou people.
However, even every day to meet with Wang’s colleagues don’t know how shecould be so rich. She almost never talk to colleagues talk about theirpersonal lives around is obviously trying to keep distance with others. Mostof the people we work with her, didn’t know where she lived, and maritalstatus. “Mystery” is former colleagues when it comes to her, with morewords.
Shantou is one of the country’s special economic zones, people’s income andconsumption levels are relatively high. However, only is not an exorbitantsalary of a police officer, “in a dream to open up sports car”-unless youhave a sugar daddy at home. So, Faye fashion dress and a white sports car,has caused many colleagues talked about.
One of her colleagues said: “at the time, many speculated that she ‘ entry-level ‘. Many people wonder which official mistress she is, after all, she’syoung, beautiful, the capital. ”
Outsiders speculated that Wong himself never responded, she methodicallyplanning their lives as usual. In presiding over some of the local policeafter a party, she started toward the TV screen. Made her a local celebrityin Shantou police even, is a name of the Shantou police TV shows.

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The Shantou police are Shantou Public Security Bureau, Shantou city, andtelevision a show jointly organized. The show’s host, long recommended bythe Shantou Public Security Bureau, were local police officers of the public security system in General. Faye Wong after budding, relying on outstandingliterary quality and good looks, is rapidly becoming the part of the gold medal presenters.
Local media earlier reported that in June 2001, represent the Shantou Public Security Bureau Wang Fei, sponsored by the public security Department ofGuangdong Province, to participate in “three education” speech contest,entered the final round, and eventually became the representative of theGuangdong Provincial Public Security Department, the only player toparticipate in the Ministry of public security speech contest. In Beijing,although she failed to win the prize, but to a lot of television Directorand the judges were impressed.
The winter of 2001, the Ministry of public security and CCTV, preparations for the “golden age golden shield–the Ministry of public security in 2002Spring Festival Gala”, the oratorical contest from players in the selectionof an officer involved in the program. Directors look at the match video,think Faye is the most suitable candidate.
In this way, Faye Wong took the stage of Ministry of public security,Chinese new year party with popular host, Wang gang, Zhou Tao jointappearances, acted as moderator. At this point, Faye Wong, “leading policeto spend,” said.
Mysterious road to promotion
Faye Wong is a parade of so many of my colleagues have said, “this girl isnot simple”, promising in the future.
Sure enough, Wong only in the Shantou Public Security Bureau for two years,in 2002, was on loan to the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureaupublicity Office. Reportedly, she hosted in 2002, when the Ministry of public security, Chinese new year par

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