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Posted by james bonds on December 8th, 2015

Going from 13 on the 360 to 14 on the One, the difference in everything was immense and 14 played a hell of a lot better than 13. Now, 15 played incredible compared to any other one until they dumbed the dribbling system right back down. 15 was great post-patch, I just wished they hadn't listened to the vocal minority in deciding how to change it so early on in it's life span.

Do they mean "The AI doesn't run the wrong way after a lob through ball"? Or "defenders don't turn like they're in quicksand"? Those would be welcome changes fifa coins for sale. However, I'm worried that what they're going to do is bring back the "John Terry catches right up to Ronaldo on the break" script, and say "job done". Then kids will whine on the EA forums and they'll patch it. Then in FIFA 17, the process starts again...without EA ever changing the broken mechanics surrounding pace abuse in the first place.

Ronaldo still outpaces everyone, its just that your defenders actually track back when they see runners rather than not starting until AFTER the ball is in the air, by then its too late as you know, the defender stands there flat footed as the striker runs by and is 5 yards ahead before he even turns around and starts following.

They already nerfed Stamina in 15, at least in FUT. The reason I haven't used Aguero this FIFA as much as others is because his pathetic 68 Stamina means he tires late in games, whereas Cavani's 94 Stamina means he tends to be much fresher than the CB's he's up against late into games.

Whether a player is gold/silver/bronze should have no reflection on his stamina though really should it?

You can have insane stamina and still be a poor player, the same way you could have 99 pace but unable to kick a ball properly.

Shooting, passing, heading etc have to be low for a bronze, otherwise they would be a good footballer (and so not a bronze to buy fifa ultimate team coins), but physical attributes should not be affected because of card colour.

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