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Glimpse Eye Care are Eye doctor the woodlands, our mission is to provide exceptional eye care for patients of all ages. Combining outstanding service, extensive medical experience, and a premium selection of high-grade, fashion-forward eyewear, we aim to offer the utmost in enjoyable experiences for both patient and shopper. Our motto? Feel good, look good. We’re wholeheartedly committed to inspiring confidence and positivity in our customers, and we hope they always leave our offices feeling like a permanent member of the Glimpse family.

Glimpse’s carefully curated selection of frames represents a vast collection of unique, fashionable, ‘on point’ eyewear that’s been specially chosen to help our clients look and feel their absolute best. Plus, we can repair or adjust any frame––at any time.

When you visit Glimpse Eye Care, you can expect:
A personalized experience in a warm, relaxing environment
A thorough eye exam utilizing the very latest in optometry tech
Insights from professional staff members, expertly trained to make informed recommendations on finding the perfect style and fit
A 60-day, satisfaction-guaranteed warranty with purchase of any frame
No-cost adjustments (should you feel your prescription is at all inaccurate or uncomfortable)

Discover the advantages of excellent eye care and the benefits of sleek, elegant, highly functional eyewear.

Schedule your first appointment with Glimpse Eye Care today.


We’ve all heard of cataracts at one point in our lives. What is this condition? Is it a film growing in your eyes and will it cause blindness? We will get to these answers and more in our topic today.

In order to talk about cataracts, we have to talk about the lens. Nearly every person is born with a clear lens in their eyes. This is very similar to a brand new window in a house. The lens allows light to pass through and reach the back of the eye, providing a clear image. Now what happens when that lens is no longer clear and becomes dirty (imagine a 50 year old window)? Well, the amount of light that can pass through is decreased which leads to a blurred image.

Cataract is essentially this, the clouding of your lens. Most commonly, we see cataracts caused by age-related issues. Proteins and tissues start to break down in your 40s but vision is typically not affected until after your 60s. We will list some of the causes and symptoms below!

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