hardware factory made ?Cartier love jewelry? can be deceptive

Posted by jewelrybrand on December 8th, 2015

Foshan Daily News reporter Yang Qin Wen Chen Huipeng correspondent reports: Cartier love bracelet for only 400 yuan, you believe it? Foshan public security reported yesterday, according to the clues Alibaba Group Security Ministry, the police busted a matter of Dongguan, Foshan and other places online sales fake “Cartier” and other brand-name jewelry chain, seized fake jewelry finished more than 1,000 pieces, genuine estimate the value of 11 million Yuan.


Ah Wei was born in 1990 followed two years older than his brother to run a smoke Shunde hotel, business is not good. So he opened a shop, specialized in selling “golden ring, female models, 999 gold, Ring” and so on, but secretly selling fake (Cartier), (Bulgari) and other famous brands of luxury jewelry products. In order to expand the business, the brothers opened a breath five big names are on the shop, and some called “rich white”, some called “Ai Naomi”, which sells fake “Cartier” bracelets, rings and necklaces, a Onlyfake Cartier bracelet online price 400-550 yuan.


Alibaba Group, the Ministry of Security through the large data investigation found that the shop also has two similar accounts, business products and purchase channels also have in common, its online sales of “Cartier” are from the online purchase, the manufacturers are “Dongguan City ×× Hardware Products Factory. ”

Based on this clue, Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau immediately started investigation to find out “Dongguan City Hardware Products Factory ××” dens of making and selling fake brand-name products and personnel. Foshan public security Economic Investigation Department conducted in Foshan, Dongguan simultaneous action, destroyed in Dongguan production dens a storage warehouse 1, located in Shunde sales dens 3, Detention suspects 7, the scene seized fake “Cartier” brand jewelry finished products more than 1,000 pieces, valued at 11 million yuan genuine estimate. Identified by Cartier love ring, a high degree of simulation batch of counterfeit jewelry.


The investigation, Hwang et al. In Dongguan Changan will to metal products factory as a cover to secretly produce fake “Cartier”, “Chanel”, “Bulgari” and other well-known luxury brand jewelry products. Hwang will produce counterfeit jewelry sales price of about 20 yuan each to , Zhongmou Feng performed after packaging, and through a network of wholesale sales, the formation of pyramid sales network.

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