Reasons For NCAA Sports Litigation

Posted by athletedefendermia on June 11th, 2021

Representing one’s college in the playing field is hugely morale-boosting and earns accolades from fellow students and rivals. Playing a competitive sport regularly may also become a necessity for young students who are not financially equipped to afford educational expenses. Unfortunately, not all of them are academically inclined or get good grades in school. A unique opportunity for them to continue their education and complete it before being qualified for a decent job would be to obtain an athletic scholarship administered by the “National Collegiate Athletes Association” or NCAA.

The fast and furious game played on a playing field may result in injuries quite often. While football gets a bad game, the other competitive sports endorsed by the association are quality likely to result in physical injuries. It might become imperative to hire an experienced NCAA concussion attorney to obtain justice when the lack of attention and care from the concerned coach or school authorities aggravates the injury causing the student to remain off the field and lose the scholarship.

Falling while playing a sport or sustaining injuries on the field is familiar enough, with most student-athletes being aware of the risks involved. The problem begins when a significantly severe injury such as a concussion after a head injury with the institution’s authorities is nonchalant about it. The student and the parents are at a loss and financially unable to cope with the realities. This is the right time to contact a lawyer having the right expertise and experience in dealing with the injustice meted out in the aftermath of a sports injury.

While there is no reason for the concerned legal professional to be qualified in medicine while trying to represent a student-athlete by arguing against the NCAA, it is certainly beneficial to be aware of the term concussion and the difficulties that the injured student may experience on account of the issue.

There have been numerous pieces of evidence against the sports authorities, including the NCAA stating how a simple head injury may aggravate into something more serious. The previous lawsuits have proved that repeated trauma to the head may result in a fatal condition known colloquially as CTE. This can occur after a concussion injury, with the student-athletes life and academic future suffering a huge setback. Some of the symptoms that make the student and the coach/parents suspect concussion usually includes some or all of the symptoms listed:

· Frequent headaches

· Extreme mood swings

· Inability to sleep properly

· Suicidal thought

· Acts of violence

· Memory loss

· Neurodegenerative disease such as ALS

Sure, the thought of NCAA sports litigation is scary. Still, a student-athlete can always expect justice to prevail as long as there is a competent and experienced legal representative in court. It is essential to consider all the facts and discuss them at length with the legal professional instead of blindly signing any paper.

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