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Posted by accolac99 on December 9th, 2015

Hey, guys! Welcome to gold4fans site. Today we will will show you some very useful guides to help you level melee combat skill up quickly in runescape 3. Now, let's see the details about these guides.

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1. Use The Best Weapons
Equipment is the most cheap RS Deadman Mode Gold important factor for quickly leveling-up in combat. It is highly recommended that players use the best equipment available to them at their level. For example, if while training you reach a Defense level of 20, it's worth going to the GE immediately to purchase some steel armor. Be sure to check the stat requirements in game for all armor and weapons. And if you need cheap rs 3 gold to buy weapons or others, we can offer you.

2. Attack Monsters with Tips
- Try to match your attack style to the monster's weakness for maximum damage to maximize efficiency, and therefore gain xp. For example: A player attacking a fire-weak monster with a crushing weapon will train slower than a player with the same weapon attacking a crush-weak monster.

- Try to fight monsters with low defense. Lower defense means the monster is easier to hit, so less time is spent out of combat, therefore getting more experience.

- When fighting monsters that are aggressive, turn on Auto Retaliate for an easier training experience, which is also be safe!

3. Carry Teleport in Game
If your Magic level is high enough for a teleport spell, it is advised you carry teleport runes – just in case. (This may or may not apply, as you can now access the lodestone network for teleporting purposes. It is still a good idea to bring some convenience in case of an emergency however.)

Hope above guides and tips can be useful for you to level up your combat skill. And if you would like to know more top runescape 3 tips. Visit gold4fans at your free time. You can find various advanced tips or strategies about runescape 3 here. In addition, there is also cheap rs 3gold for sale, you can contact with us if you are interested.

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