How Market Research Companies can Use Inbound Call Center Services to Get Better

Posted by sunainaram on December 9th, 2015

Market research companies are always looking for new methods to gather data regarding products and services offered by their clients. Huge companies and service providers want to find out what their customers are thinking of their products and services. So, they make use of such research companies to analyze the data obtained from the customers. At the same time, companies take the help ofcall centers to communicate with their customers/clients and get their feedback. The research firms can use the information collected by the call centers for their analysis. As there are plenty of regulations and rules regarding outbound calls, they can’t always call up customers to collect all the details they want. So, the research companies are on the lookout for other means of feedback collection. They try to use the data collected by inbound calls made by the customers.

So, how can the inbound call center services help in market research? The caller can be screened and can be routed to the research or survey poll. The information provided by the caller can be used to digitally fill up the survey forms used by the market research firms. Once the research analysts in the firm get all the data, then they will be able to analyze the data to find out the results. The information garnered from the inbound callers can be used to find out problems in the product or service.

Product and service-based companies outsource all their call services to a reliable BPO. The employees in the call center are trained to speak in English and native languages. So, they will be able to talk to people from different places and varied walks of life and collect all the relevant data. Their professional training will help them garner the right type of information that the company wants. When customers call the toll free number, they will have a series of queries or clarifications. Sometimes, customers and clients call up to log complaints regarding the products or services. All these details can be sorted and organized in a particular order. Market research companies can use the details collected by the call center to analyze product reach.

If companies and market research firms want to get the right kind of information required for the survey, then they should use the services of reliable inbound call center. The ITES company should have a large employee base and dependable technology to provide the requisite services.

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