Which Type Of Teaching Methodology Will Help Your Child Learn Well?

Posted by sunainaram on December 9th, 2015

Teachers use different types of teaching methodologies to train the students. The mode of classroom instruction depends on the general teaching principles followed by the school management. The two most common types of teaching methodologies are teacher-centric approach and student-centric approach. When you check out the schools in Mulund, they will generally follow one of the two approaches. It is the duty of parents to find out which teaching methodology will help their child learn best and accordingly choose a school. As a parent, you should know and understand both types of teaching approaches, so you can make an informed decision.

In the teacher-centric approach, the entire curriculum and teaching technique revolves around the teacher. The lecturer/teacher uses authority and formal lectures for classroom instruction. In this mode of training, the student is passive. He/she doesn’t take active part in the learning process. This mode of training is generally used when the number of students in the classroom is very high. The teacher lectures and the student simply listens. Stringent rules and regulations are set in the classroom and the student is expected to follow them to the letter. This traditional teaching technique will not be very effective in the long run. That’s why when you look at the best schools in Kandivali, you will see that they use the student-centric approach to teaching.

In this method of teaching, the student plays the pivotal role in the learning process. In this type of approach, the teacher can use one of the two techniques – inquiry or cooperation. In the former, the student’s curiosity is piqued so he/she is encouraged to discover and learn concepts. In the latter mode of teaching method, the teacher acts as a facilitator to provide the right environment for the student to learn. In this teaching methodology, the student takes responsibility for his learning. This teaching method encourages students to take an active role in their learning process. The top schools in Mulund use this mode of student-centric education as it is more effective.

When you are checking out the best schools in Kandivali for your child, you should try to find out the teaching technique they adopt. Don’t just check their fees structure, infrastructure and other facilities, you should also find out the qualification and experience of the teachers and the method of teaching the school management encourages the teachers to use.

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