Why is there a new education policy in 2020?

Posted by Hodges Bendix on June 11th, 2021

Level I: A adult education policy is designed to promote vocational skills and prepares the work force for higher level jobs in the public sector, private sector or at any other agency sector. Vocational training needs more time and commitment when compared with faculty degree programs. Adult education program includes adult learning distance education, co-curricular teaching, and distance education with adults as their participants. In these applications, the learning outcomes need to have the ability to facilitate an individual's career ambitions in the long run. Level II: This can be a tactical phase for vocational training. It will focus more on providing practical skill sets and preparing the workforce for better careers. The New Education Policy recognizes the need for vocational education in India. It makes a commitment for each and every pupil to pursue one or more path (s) in a particular field in order to update his knowledge. The first and foremost classes in this discipline are Textile Design and Merchandising. Other courses may comprise Home-Based Tutoring and Career Development. Level III: These are additional advanced vocational programs. They prepare the pupils to join managerial and executive posts. A New Education Policy has been invented for them to guarantee quality output from the candidates. These points will be added up to get a candidate's overall academic progress. A new education policy has been made from the Central Board of Secondary Education or the CBDSE for the entire country. The key feature of this coverage is'child-centered education'. In other words, the educational policies focus on the progression of child-centeredness in the classroom. The policy furthers this by making sure that the interests of these child/children come before the needs of any other group. The prime goal of this policy is to guarantee quality education for all. It also emphasizes the primacy of family values in the education system also promotes individual and social responsibility. visit here to obtain additional information about New Education Policy.

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