Suggestions: New Level 75 Hallowed Bow Required in RS

Posted by gracedashen on December 10th, 2015

Are you fans of old school runescape? Do you often pay your attention to its updates in game? Well, recently, suggestions about the new level 75 hallowed bow in the game have been in heat discussion. Now, you can spare your time to wander on RS3gold to browse some related information while purchasing OSRS gold in doing you great favor in game.

First, the details of new level 75 hallowed bow

Since the heat discussion above taken place, the majority of players expect that the completed stats of hallowed bow with +120 ranged bonus, +ranged strength (built in) + 5 prayers and prayer is recovered by 40% damage done & 5% special energy. Besides, they are hoping that the unfinished bow may be made from 3 parts: the first part may be gained from the werewolf agility course and there may be a rare chance that it may be thrown instead of the regular stick. The second part may be a rare drop from terror dogs located in tarn`s lair. During the bog event in temple trekking, you may find a brush in which the third piece may be taken out of. In the process of bowstring, you may find some special flax that can be spun into the bow string at level 70 crafting.

Second, the different suggestions on new level 75 hallowed bow

To this new update, different people hold different views. Some people believe that the bow is slightly faster than the dark bow, therefore, the range slaying with it would be efficient. But, as for the bow strength, others hold the opposite view. They think they don't enjoy any very useful bows in game to defend bosses, which is pretty important and they cannot see it devaluing acb. For my personal perspective, I'm guessing it's an incredibly good long bow, which has two specials and can boost your damage and accuracy by 20%.

In a word, this bow has more accuracy than any current ranged weapons. It is fast and also has a very good special attack which only takes 50% of the meter. The only pity is that getting it might take a while if it isn't tradable. After all, I like the idea and I think it needs to lower the built-in strength down to 20 or 25, which would be enough to keep it still very good. Now, RS3gold is making promotions and you can grab those opportunities to get more rs 3 gold at the cheapest prices for Xmas.

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