WOW Human Racial Alteration in Legion Alpha news and wow gold cheap sale

Posted by goldsafe21 on December 10th, 2015

Human racial is always complained by WOW players as its overpowered ability, Every Man for Himself has caused great imbalance in PvP. Understanding this issue, Blizzard has announced that in next version of Legion Alpha, it will be adjusted to only break stun in 30 second cooldown, but won’t trigger the pvp trinket. However, considering EMFH is primarily used to break stuns, some people questioned that this change is another buff rather than nerf.

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What are the planned adjustments for Human racial?

In the earlier days when WoD patch 6.2 updated, Blizzard had made some implementation in order to adjust the overpowered EMFH and make a balance. For example, they had reduced its effectiveness of on-use trinkets and the relative strength of having two throughput trinkets equipped. However, as PvP gear is changed in Legion, plus the introduction of PvP talents, the previous adjustments are no longer applicable. As a result, in the next version of the Legion Alpha, EMFH will be altered to only remove stun effects and share a 30 second cooldown with other similar effects, but won’t trigger the full 2-minute cooldown on Gladiator’s Medallion ability (which is the Legion version of the current Medallion trinkets).
Is this change a good way to nerf EMFH, or make it stronger?

Is the restriction of not triggering the cooldown on Gladiator’s Medallion ability a real nerf for “Every Man for Himself”? Why some players raised such a doubt? On the one hand, EMFH was and is primarily used to break out of stuns. While Fear/charm effects are only used on like 3 classes, Every Man for Himself is used in 99 percent of the time to remove a stun as nearly every class has a stun. When change it to a 30 second cooldown stun breaker, Humans can now break out of 4 stuns every two minutes instead of once every 2 minutes, that seems make it way better than it used to be. On the other hand, a poster told that the change sounds like a step in the right direction, although combined with the PVP trinket talent it may make humans particularly difficult opponents for stun-reliant classes.

What do you think about it, ostensibly to nerf EMFH but presumably make another buff? It seems that it will be a long jong thing to make this ability more sensible and reasonable. Blizzard also told that it is not the final decision and they will continue to listen to players’ feedback. So just take it easy and enjoy the game with wow gold cheap on Safewow.

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