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Posted by accolac99 on December 10th, 2015

Zeah will be released to osrs gold on 7 January 2016, excited? After waiting for a long time, the new continent finally will be available to all Old School players within a month time. Yes, it is high time for you to buy Runrscape 2007 gold on RSorder to make early preparation for the new continent. Apart from the information you can learn on wikia, here we will offer you more about the coming Zeah.

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No quest will come with the first batch of Zeah
Some of you may wonder how many quests will be released to Zeah. In fact, no quest will come the first batch of Zeah. However, Old School team will poll 'Monkey madness 2' some time after the release of first batch of Zeah. And as semi-confirmed, it will have something with Zeah to do. Since it is not far from the release of Zeah, you'd better take your time to buy cheapest RS 2007 gold on RSorder.

What is needed to access to Zeahget cheap RS 07 gold on RSorder for Zeah
The first part of Zeah, Great Kourend, will be released in a month time. Chances are that you will need to be 2k+ total to access it. However, the 2k+ is only for exploring. You will need to be maxed in order to interact with anything there. With the coming of Zeah, you will want to level up your skills as fast as possible. You should ensure to buy cheap RS 2007 gold on our site to help you make the most of the game.

Raid dungeons will come with Zeah batch 2
With the coming of the second part of Zeah, Old School players are going to encounter an awesome boss - Raid dungeons. It is said that the new boss will come to the game in summer of 2016. This might to be a challenging boss to all players or the hardest PvM encounter in Old School. When Raid dungeons released, it will be genuinely difficult and the drops will be rare.

After Zeah is released, Old School team will poll to see how much more the community wants of Zeah. This means that they will reveal more info about the new continent. You can always buy cheapest RS 07 gold on RSorder to help you if you need 2007 RS gold after the release of Zeah. Later, you can enjoy Double 5% Offers on RSorder. Make sure to size the opportunity to buy cheapest RS 07 gold on our site.

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