The Importance of Extra-curricular Activities in ICSE Schools

Posted by williamsonjames on December 10th, 2015

All schools follow a particular curriculum for their academic activities. The syllabus for the classroom sessions and examinations depends on the curriculum followed by the school. The ICSE schools in Bangalore follow the international system of education, which is different from the state or the central syllabus followed in most of the other schools. This international syllabus will determine the textbook the child uses for studying and the format of the examination followed by the school. If you ask any good teacher/educationalist, he/she will tell you that there are plenty of things that the child should learn, which is not found in text book education. There are lots of other skills and activities that students have to learn. It is for this sole reason that the best ICSE schools in Bangalore have plenty of extra-curricular activities.

Schools can conduct plenty of extra-curricular activities that encourage the student to develop their creative, cognitive, logical thinking and other skills. When these skills are developed, the student will be able to study and learn concepts better. There are different ways in which ICSE schools in Bangalore can organize these activities. Most commonly, the schools will divide the students into four large groups (houses). Various types of inter-house competitions such as poetry recitation, declamation, drama, drawing, quiz, and more are conducted between the houses.

These competitions will encourage a healthy competition among the students. Plus, they will learn to develop a tolerant attitude towards wining and failure. The students will learn that there are ups and downs in life. These extra-curricular activities also teach students the importance of team work and determination. They will learn that they need to work hard and be consistent in their efforts in order to be successful. Apart from all these, students will also learn social and communication skills. The textbook doesn’t teach all these to the children. But, it is these skills and abilities that will help the student in his/her life. All these skills will allow the child to express their abilities when they attend interviews or take up jobs when they grow up.

The best ICSE schools in Bangalore understand the importance of such extra-curricular activities. Tours, industrial visits and camps also help develop the child’s endurance and expand their scope of learning.  So, they make all the efforts to organize such activities in their schools. Parents should also understand that these activities help their child’s development and encourage their wards to attend such programs and events. 

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