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Posted by kelljackson on December 10th, 2015

How long a chapter stretches is the most common and concerning question about Kotfe. Bruce Maclean told that the length of the currently available nine chapters is a good baseline. As we can see, the nine chapters varied in length, some are longer or shorter, and the rest chapters will be in such a design that the team set for the story. They said what they concern is to ensuring the chapter is never fluff or stretched out. Thus, the chapters we've seen will be continued in similar format, and the only difference is the intensity, especially in certain chapters, because so many things have happened to build up, there are some really tense moments coming.

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In the part one interview, the develop team told that Kotfe is well received that not only showed by subscriber numbers, but also reflected in players' response. For those who don't know, the Q2 FY16 Financial results Electronic Arts in the end of October shows that swtor has seen a 33% growth of subscriber base until Sep 30 since KotFE's announcement. While it's been good only from the perspective of numbers, players' response is the better evidence that this expansion is welcome. People are excited about the free level 60 character that allows them to catch up their friends without much grinding,the BioWare storytelling is well-loved, and the news that Episode VII will release Dec 18 even makes players much more excited.

Bioware's developers always show out much confidence and satisfactory about what the story currently be. However, there is one thing that they want to make, and have made change. It is all about the death of HK-55, a really well received companion whose death makes lots of players upset. Thus, in the big announcement on Dec 1, Bioware announced to bring him back, allowing subscribers to play as HK in a bonus chapter. According to Charles Boyd, "It opens up a whole new world of storytelling opportunities and types of storylines that we've never been able to do before."

As Swtor KotFE has been out a couple months now, three swtor developers, Bruce Maclean, Ben Irving, and Charles Boyd joined in the first part of three interviews with the MMORPG to talk about how the expansion has been received by players, and discuss the prospection of the next seven chapters that will launch next year. Collect information and buy swtor credits cheap to prepare for new chapters!

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