Once You Try Turkish Peshtemal Towels, You Would Never Want Any Other Towel

Posted by Denizli peshtemal on December 10th, 2015

Peshtamal or Peshtemal is the traditional Turkish towel. It is woven with hand-tied fringe and made of Turkish cotton. There are several features of peshtemal that make it unique and very popular. It comes in several colors. It is known to be absorbent and dries fast too. These are one of the most essential elements for a Turkish bath, known as Hammam. Peshtemal is used as decoration, as towels and especially as travel towels. Thus, the popularity of the Turkish beach towels is because of so many features that make it stand out.

Let’s look at more reasons why Turkish bath towels are popular!

They are made with good quality cotton, i.e. the Turkish cotton. The cotton isn’t very soft and does not absorb much water. The feel that Turkish cotton gives, cannot be attained with other materials. Hence, it is easy to differentiate between a product that looks like Turkish towels and a product that is actually right just by feeling the fabric. You can see the difference only after you see or use a real peshtemal. The fast drying feature of the towel is because the real Turkish cotton isn’t very absorbent. Thus, instead of getting soaked in water, it pushes water off your skin.

The Turkish Peshtemal Towel is woven by hands in the looms in such a way that it is light and can be packed easily. Thus, these towels are much more compact when compared to the regular towels. While you might decide to buy a peshtemal just to get an awesome towel, only when you visit a Peshtemal store, you would know how different is Peshtemal and each one has its own story about where it is made and how it is made.

How is peshtemal made?

Peshtemal is made with high quality and traditional process of hand looming. The yarn is loaded into looms and then sewn to create these towels.

There are several Turkish Peshtemal Towel that are imitations of low quality, so make sure you avoid those cheaper options. Some things that you should pay attention to are designing, weight, and color, type of cotton, budget and purpose of use. There are several Peshtemal Manufacturers that sell these towels online, thus making this luxury available to everyone around the world.

One can buy Peshtemal towels wholesale prices from these online stores. All you need to do is, look for reputable website that sells Turkish Towels Wholesale. Buying them in bulk makes sense as these towels can be used for various purposes. So whether you are heading to the beach or looking for a gift for someone, these towels are the perfect option for anyone who loves to go to the beach.

Once you try these towels, you would never want any other towels!

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