What are the advantages of multivitamin for kids?

Posted by HealthyPlanet on December 10th, 2015

We have often heard mothers nagging their kids totakeessential vitamin supplements. In fact, doctors also emphasises on the fact that vitamin supplements are necessary for good health.However, only when we grow up and understand the implications of it, as parents, that we start pestering our kids to eat enough green vegetables, fruits and nutritious meals to ensure they get the essential vitamins. However, it is not easy to convince our kids today, with a delightful array of delicious and scrumptious junk food displayed on the counter. So, the only solution we have is to go for vitamin supplements.

Even with the supplements, you cannot make your children of this generation pop a pill, without giving enoughexplanation about why vitamins are required. So, before we give advice to our children about the necessity of including vitamins, let us find out what a multi-vitamin supplement that are sold online contain, and how it can benefit our kids.

Multi-vitamins are a combination of various essential vitamins, required by our body for its normal functioning. When it comes to children of growing age, the requirement of multivitamins naturally increases to a large extent. The vitamin D3, for instance, helps in healthy bone growth and contributes to absorbing calcium. The omega-3 acids are essential for normal and healthy brain growth. Iron, for example, although a mineral, is an ingredient in most multivitamin tablets, which is mandatory for brain growth. There are several such vitamins, which helps kids to lead a healthier life. Only a child having proper and all-around nutrition can strive to stand as awinner.

Although, as parents, we try to forcefully, feed our kids with as much nutritious food as possible, sometimes, due to our workload, time constraints and many such maladies of modern society, we tend to fail in achieving the targeted nutrition for the day. Hence, the supplements are the best way to meet the vitamin target requirements of our body.

So, where do we get the multivitamins from? Why not try the best and the most trusted online health stores for your vitamin supplies? There are many multivitamins, which are extracted from natural sources. Moreover, to ensure the kids do not find it too monotonous, they have it in all the artistic forms. The yummy, gummy bear multivitamins, for instance, is one of them. You can get a whole range of yummy bear’s vitamins from any reputed virtual health stores.

Hence, apart from providing our kids with every kind of facilities required for their growth, it is our responsibility, as a parent, to give them the most essential requirement of their body- the multivitamin supplements.

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