All You Need To Know About Garage Door Repair Service

Posted by Nashville Garage Doors on December 10th, 2015

Garage door is an important part of everyone’s life and you make use of it day in and day out. And effective garage door makes you feel safe about your vehicle which is why it is necessary that you keep your garage doors in shape. One can easily get rid of the garage door related troubles by hiring a professional Charlotte garage door repairservice which includes inspection of important parts such as pulley, opener, rollers and springs that become the main reason of garage door related problems.

 One of the most common problem is broken spring and its replacement needs to be done by a professional. These springs are under a constant tension and adjusting them on your own could be quite damaging. Call a team of professionals who come equipped with all the necessary tools and expertise to handle extension springs and torsion springs. Besides repairing another important role they play is in educating people about the maintenance job and repair. You can even avail top quality products are affordable rates to have a door that lasts for really long without regular troubles. Charlotte garage door repair service maintain highest level of repair service and they also offer regular inspection service that you can use your garage door without any worry. Maintenance is an important way to avoid major repairs that not only saves time but also money. Here are few steps involved in maintenance of a garage door.


Charlotte garage door repair begins with washing that includes a washcloth, soap and water hose. The cleaning process and its time depends on the material and size of the garage door. Steel doors, fiberglass and aluminium are easy to clean but cleaning of wooden door is slightly difficult.

 For smooth operation

The biggest advantage of clean and well maintained garage door is its smooth functioning. You wouldn’t want to get yourself stuck on a day with a garage door that doesn’t open properly. Any kind of debris or dirt can stop the moving of functional parts. Regular greasing and lubricating of the parts is also a must to make the operation smooth.

Safety checks

Besides performing visual checks, they thoroughly check all the parts closely to make sure nothing is damage and doesn’t need to be replaced. The first and the foremost thing to check is the weather strip which is usually placed in the sectional panel at the bottom. It allows the door to perform its task smoothly during all seasons. If the springs appear to be damaged, they are instantly changed as they are constantly at work and take the pressure of the entire door. Testing of the auto reverse safety mechanics is also a must, openers at times need to changed is calling a technician who knows it all can save a lot of time and prevent accidents.

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