Bespoke doors Cheshire: Varieties to Explore

Posted by aimewolf on December 10th, 2015

 Though doors are rated by their durability and strength, the details are not to be missed if you have an artistic outlook. It is amazing to know how much manufacturers have improved in their productions over the decades, making use of technology to bolster the cosmetics and functions of their merchandises. Resultantly, the bespoke doors Cheshire that are available in the market are of wide varieties. Right from their designs to materials to fishing, everything varies. Here is a small descript of the bespoke doors Manchester catalogues kept by dealers in the market.


Though most bespoke doors Cheshire are made of wood, the kind makes all the difference. In most cases oak woods are used, because they are heavy, tough and long-lasting. For main doors, little can beat oak wood. Another choice from the expensive side of the collection is maple wood. Celebrities often like their home floors furnished with maple wood as it adds immense value and cosmetic grandeur to the house. Flush veneer is good and light, and cheaper than others. Walnut wood doors are particularly light and are best chosen for inside doors that open to other rooms. Hemlock, cherry, sapele and white are other materials doors are curved out of.

Finish and Texture

As for the cosmetic dimension of the bespoke doors Manchester, it is the finish that makes the most difference. The solid doors have a heavy feel about them, and the surfaces are left unpolished to bring out the solidity of the structure. Pre-glazed ones are those that come polished for an instant mirror effect. They are also called laminated or lacquered doors. Then there are ready to glaze doors that are fitted and then glazed used a lacquer paint or through sandpaper polishing. In most cases, the doors are coated with varnish or similar paints to bring about a gloss and shine.

Fire Rating

To be precautious is to beat the hazards in the most effective manner. A fire-resistant door is for those emergencies of fire outbreaks. The best thing about fire rated doors is that they can withstand the flames for long, protecting whatever it is enclosing. You have a choice between fire and non-fire doors. If you do not stand the danger of a fire massacre, then go for the regular ones that react to fire, as you would anyways not need them.


Depending on what you are purchasing, the prices of the doors vary. For those that are cosmetically enhanced, the prices go up a bit. Same happens to the fire resistant equivalent of customized doors. However, what bumps the prices up most is the material you choose for the door. Give your dealer the design you want and they will design it accordingly.

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