Jet JWBS-10OS 10-Inch Band Saw

Posted by Tool Man on December 10th, 2015

I'm a beginner carpenter, and I purchased this JET band saw for small to medium duty ventures. The throat and depth of cut confinements of this saw are satisfactory for me. Notwithstanding, anybody purchasing this saw ought to understand that both the throat and depth of cut measurements for this model are a somewhat smaller than a few saws in the 9-9 value reach, and this will restrict the extent of applications you can utilize the JWBS-10OS for.

I value the way the saw was generally gathered in the case. There was some minor get together required, generally the base, however very little. Nothing required all that much expertise. With a touch of tweaking and measuring, I could get the table sufficiently level to my satisfaction.

The main genuine issue I had with the saw was the tire on the base wheel. It was by all accounts extended or something, so it wouldn't keep on the wheel. It wasn't horrendously extended, and I couldn't tell that it wasn't right until the saw had been running for a moment or two. It gradually got looser and looser until it pulled the blade off. It was really simple to alter however, with only a few spots of contact bond. Presently it runs fine. In spite of that I would favor a fresh out of the box new saw not requires contact concrete on the tires. In general, I think the saw is great, and I am completely cheerful I purchased it. In any case, there are a few clear cut corners. Which I believe is not out of the ordinary in an entry level saw.

Each handle on the saw is made of plastic, and each one of the plastic handles has a plastic top that fits on the end of it. Each and every plastic top on each handle on my saw has tumbled off. I'm not certain how it was ever expected to function in any case. They simply tumble off. They don't screw on or fit properly, they simply sit on the end until they tumble off. I needed to super paste all of them back on. Which wasn't much work, however I would like to not need to do it. The tops are only for appearances at any rate, and fill no need other than making the handles look decent and adjusted on the end.

The fence clip that holds it to the back of the table was somewhat twisted with the goal that it wouldn't lock in. So I needed to curve it a tad bit by tapping it with a mallet. Once more, not an issue, it was two minutes of work; however I would incline toward that I didn't need to do it when the saw is right out of the crate. I observed the table to be of good, strong development. It feels substantial and modifies effortlessly.

The saw fence is satisfactory, however not extraordinary. It draws in to make a strong association for managing your work pieces. You can make minor changes in accordance with it with a hex wrench to align it up with the blade. In any case, it doesn't slide effectively starting with one position then onto the next. I don't consider this to be an issue on a cheap saw. When I have to move the wall I simply take it off and set it back on in the new position. The lodging of the saw is great. The entryways are of thicker, heavier material than I anticipated. The entryway locks are shrewd and strong, however made of plastic. I welcome the dial for following conformity, as my last bandsaw obliged me to stay aware of a specific hex wrench to make following alterations.

The tension adjustment gauge works satisfactorily. There is a strain gage within the lodging which should let you know when your saw is tensioned effectively in view of the width of your saw blade. The gage looks shabby and gimmicky however, and I truly question its accuracy. The depth modification gauge works easily and the guide assembly has a considerable measure of modification handles, and they all function admirably. It is somewhat hard to see the conformities for the base guide gathering, in light of the fact that the lodging is stand out. I could make the majority of the changes I expected to, however. So it wasn't restrictive.

The movable light is a solitary LED on the end of a plastic snake. It makes a little engaged circle of blue light that you can point anyplace. I would lean toward a little light to enlighten the entire table. The stand is exceptionally strong; however the elastic feet on the base are too delicate and have as of now worn through after me moving the gathered saw only a couple times. The miter gage works, however it is difficult to envision a less expensive movable miter gage. It is made of light plastic. It fits moderately firmly into the miter space, however and works.

The saw runs easily, and it feels more grounded than I expect a saw this size to be. The engine is peaceful, in spite of the fact that the guide bearings do make a shockingly uproarious vibration sound when the saw runs. This is most likely the most delightful 10 inch bandsaw I have ever seen. I am under the feeling that JET sliced clear corners with a specific end goal to make the saw great at a specific value point. Thus, you end up with a decent saw with some modest handles and extras. I would prescribe this saw to a companion, and in the event that it was stolen, I would replace it with the same model. offers you to buy Jet band saws, Powermatic lathe machines and Wilton vises on lowest online prices.

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