its unit sales volume and that of Fifa 16 Coins.

Posted by yingzi on December 11th, 2015

It is one of the money-minting franchises for the company, and one of the most successful sports title brands throughout the world, as its mass appeal and realistic game-play attract millions of gamers every year. Six weeks after the release of the game, the unit sales numbers indicate that FIFA 16 is finding it tough to outperform last years release. However, the performance is more than the expectations.rsgoldrichmall

Note that, till October 2015, Activisions Call of Duty: Black Ops III, did not come out in the market. Analysts believe that since most of the gamers have transitioned to new generation platforms, their interest in buying new games, despite the popularity of those games, have increased. As a result, the unit sales per title for games this year has increased and will continue, or may even increase, in the coming few months. This might give FIFA 16 a further advantage to shrink the gap between its unit sales volume and that of Fifa 16 Coins.

It will be interesting to note what FIFA 16 can do in this years holiday season. It is highly probable that the title will sell less than what it did last year. However, the question arises whether the titles sales number will stay above that of FIFA 14, or will the declining sales of the title on older generation platforms hamper the overall growth?

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