Think Twice Before You Sell Your Watch Chain

Posted by PARTIK on December 11th, 2015

Watch chains are something that revives old values. The number of pocket watch users and thus the users of watch chains are dwindling what with new wrist watches taking the driver’s seat.

Many people even do not care for the wrist watch. They have their cell phone or smart phone which always shows the time. That however does not mean that you should sell out your old watch chain as scraps. Not so; at least never when they are made with gold or silver. For instance; even the old gold pocket watch chain has got certain inherent values.

Antic Value for the Collectors

One of the inherent values of these pocket watch chains besides their capability of securing watches in the pocket firmly is that they have antic values. For instance; many antic collectors will pay much more than what you expect when they collect from you the silver Albert watch chain that you wish to dispose. They constitute vintage products and they have their own intrinsic values in the concerned circles.

Don’t Sell These Items as Scrap

You should therefore never consider selling out your old gold pocket watch chain as scrap even if it has become worn out and is in dire straits. They will always have above scrap value for the collectors of vintage products as well as for the watch dealers who look to display some of the vintage products in their showrooms to attract high level customers who would part with a fortune to grab such antic materials.

Maximizing Returns on Gold or Silver Watch Chains

A few simple steps can help you maximize your returns on the gold or silver watch chains. The steps are as follows.

• Determine the quality of the gold or silver used in the chain. It could be marked or hall marked.

• Usual practice for gold chains is to use 9 carat gold. But there are some chains that have 14 or 18 carats of gold and their prices would be naturally higher in comparison.

• Silver chains won’t be as pricy as their gold counterpart but some like the silver Albert watch chain carries great antic values and offers good price for the user.

• Weight of the gold or silver chain is important. It would be good weighing the chain elsewhere from a good jeweler before selling it out.

• Design will also matter because the better the design the better will be the price. For instance; if the chain is double Albert, it would fetch better price.

• Condition of the chains whether made with gold or silver would be one of the premier reasons for heightening the prices.

Once these aspects are taken care of it would be necessary finding a good platform for selling out the silver or gold pocket watch chain. It could be sold at some reliable local stores as well but selling on international platforms like eBay, Quikr; Amazon, or such others could give greater returns and better results.

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