Why to Go for Hong Kong company incorporation

Posted by Jvc hk on December 11th, 2015

Even though challenging for any other country but when it comes to Hong Kong, company incorporation is really effortless an endeavor. Definitely, potential entrepreneur does not have to undergo any sort of complexity or intricacy when it comes to Hong Kong company incorporation. Hong Kong exhibits remarkable understanding and empathy to all of its foreign as well as local entrepreneurs which is really brilliant, now this is not a magic or a philanthropic stunt but it is their commercial endeavor to expand their business scope for maintaining balance and to strengthen the economical backbone of the nation. Hong Kong has made its business policies less rigorous but that does not mean they have not accommodated safety measures in their policies. If you are looking for ways to expand your business and have access in China then Hong Kong is the best place to spread your kingdom. If you are not aware of the factors and prerequisite involved in Trademarks Registration In Hong Kong , then JV Consultants Limited is the best place to gain all the necessary information. Not only trademark registration but all the information with respect to Tax and Annual return one may get to know from them.

Now when you are making steps towards Hong Kong company incorporation you need to be careful about few things like registering the trademark. Registering trademark is one significant step with which you can establish your unique, independent identity. Now you just cannot select any emblem as your trademark, you need to make your selection among those signs and symbols which bear the essence of the company or relevant to the product or service. When you want to set up Hong Kong limited company you need to ensure one director and one shareholder at least also one secretary. However no member needs to be Hong Kong resident but the secretary is required to be the HK resident. Here JV Consultants Limited will appear to be your savior, as they will be providing you all the secretarial services without making dent in your pocket. In order to setup a Hong Kong limited liability company you need to submit varying documents and papers and among all, the document as supplied by the professional services agency, which is directly involved with the incorporation, should be kept in mind.

The Hong Kong company incorporation form which encompasses details like company name, brief description with respect to business activities, particulars of shareholders, directors and company secretary, Registered address, Share capital registered on incorporation, Liability of members, Number of shares taken up by subscribers. You need to enter all the details duly and you can never fake about anything. Those who are non-resident directors and shareholders need to submit copy of their passport, bank reference letter and overseas residential address proof. Those HK resident shareholders and directors need to submit copy of Hong Kong identity card and residential address proof. When it comes to corporate shareholders and directors, they need a copy of parent company registration documents to be submitted.

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